How Evacuation Chairs Can Add Another Layer Of Safety To Your Workplace

In the event of an emergency, it always helps to prepared. You may think an emergency situation won’t happen at your company, but the truth is that emergencies happen everywhere.

One of the most common places for emergencies is health care facilities. Between 2011 and 2015, there were approximately 5,750 fires annually in healthcare facilities. In that same span, healthcare facility fires cause an average of two civilian deaths, 157 civilian injuries, and $50.4 billion in damages.

If an emergency situation does happen at a healthcare facility or elsewhere, companies need an evaluation plan. In the case of healthcare facilities, there are wide range of people who may need to be evacuated from those being treated for minor injuries, those dealing with major issues or those with limited mobility.

One way to guarantee the safety, especially of those who are disabled or have restricted mobility, is through the use of evacuation chairs. While evacuation wheelchairs are a popular choice, there are many kinds of evacuation chairs available.

Chairs like evacuation chairs help to advance movement and evacuation in order to make sure that everyone in a building, whether it’s an office building or a hospital can be evacuated easier if there is an emergency.

Companies in need of evacuation wheelchairs have a variety to chose from. There are basic evacuation chairs available, but there are also more outfitted ones, which help provide extra supported to the person or people being evacuated. This also helps the person or people who are assisting in the evacuating have an easier time getting a person to safety. In the event of an emergency, the more equipped evacuation chairs for example are helpful in getting someone down a flight or several flights of stairs.

As helpful as they can be, evacuation wheelchairs and other types of evacuation chairs have to maintained to remain effective and many companies that sell evacuation wheelchairs and the like offer equipment training and as well as technical support.

While evacuation wheelchairs, EMS chairs and power stair chairs can be very useful in an emergency, knowing what to do in an emergency situation and how to use the equipment is essential. NFPA 101, Life Safety Code requires that workplaces, healthcare facilities, and other occupied buildings provide evacuation plan information and routinely schedule and hold drills when possible. So if it’s been awhile since your company did an emergency evacuation drill, it may just be time to do one.

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