How Small Businesses Can Stay Competitive With After Hours Answering Services

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There are few companies that would not benefit from an after hours phone answering service. When given the option, 79% of consumers would prefer to talk with companies over the phone. While always being reachable is a piece of advice most large companies adhere to, many small businesses cut corners. However, answering services for small businesses are even more crucial for making a good impression with the customer.

Understanding What the Customer Wants and What They Need.

Customer’s call a company because they need to have a problem resolved. They would of course prefer it if the call was finished quickly, whenever possible. All too often, it seems that customers are unsatisfied with the level of care they receive. It is estimated that poor customer service is costing brands a total of $41 billion every year.

One problem that is relatively easy to fix is the scripted call. Usually used in cold calling sales pitches, the heavily scripted call is a bad move because it fails to deliver the two main requirements for connecting with a customer: empathy and emotion. A script is trying to elicit a specific response, while showing empathy or emotion goes a long way towards putting the customer at ease. The result is the earning of a customer’s trust.

If the Customer Tries to Reach You, It’s Important That They Reach Something.

You might believe that if they really wanted to reach you, they would just call back during business hours. But first impressions count, and answering services for small businesses let the customer know what your hours are so that they can call back. There are few things more annoying than hearing nothing but ringing when you call a business for information.

The reason why is that good old fashioned manners are still appreciated by everyone. An answering services for small businesses can let the caller know what the business’s values are, because first impressions are difficult to fix. A welcome message that treats the caller like a valued customer instead of an inconvenience is a good start.

Answering Services For Small Businesses Doesn’t Mean You Need to Hire More People.

Hiring more people for your small business probably isn’t a priority for your company at this time. That is why an answering service program can be helpful. To be successful, first your company will need to figure out what your customer will need from this answering service. Will they be calling for the business hours, or will they need to make an appointment? Is there ever an emergency that requires a customer to be patched through to an employee?

Cell phones have made it possible for 91% of Americans to have their phone within arm’s reach around the clock. It takes but a moment to call any company. When they reach yours, make sure there is a message to greet them.

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