How to Create Compelling Retail Signage With Indoor Sign Stands

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Although technology has completely revolutionized the ways in which businesses interact with their customers, effective retail signage for brick and mortar businesses is as relevant and necessary as ever. Retail signage helps connect customers with the products and services of a retailer, which is why effective retail displays are so important.

So what makes retail signage effective? The best retail display fixtures tells customers what kind of product or service they’re looking at and why they need to invest in it. Retail signage should capture the customer’s interest, like a newspaper headline, and follow up with an actionable step. The goal is to empower the customer in feeling confident about their purchase.

Businesses can use indoor sign stands, display stands, and a variety of other resources to create compelling retail signage. Check out these creative retail display ideas that are sure to deliver results.

Keep it short and simple

Indoor sign stands can help bring shoppers’ attention to important signage, but there’s no point to putting blocky text on indoor stand signs. The message on indoor sign stands should be kept simple and to the point. Ideally, it should grab the shopper’s attention just long enough to point them in the right direction. It’s important to remember that the average consumer attention span is getting shorter and shorter, which is why succinct, actionable copy is so effective.

Is it easy to read?

Readability is crucial when it comes to effective retail signage, especially for indoor sign stands and overhead displays. Be sure to use a typeface with clear characters and avoid lettering that is difficult to read. Keep in mind that while charming, crayon and chalkboard signs may not work for your particular retail space. Clear, impactful signage that’s easy to read is what drives sales.

The customer is always right…right?

Effective retail signage validates the consumer’s decision to buy a particular product or service by reminding them of exactly why they’re doing so. The act making that final purchase should feel right to the customer, and signage can help to organically guide customers into doing so. That’s it’s important to incorporate words such as you or yours to give signage a more personal touch.

Test it out

You can test the efficacy of your indoor sign stands and other retail displays by playing the role of the consumer. How do you engage with the sign? Do you notice it or find it helpful? For a completely unbiased opinion, you may even want to ask customers what they think of a particular retail display and make changes as necessary based on their feedback.

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