How to Get a Cheap Machine to Start Selling Ice Cream

One of the best moves that any business can make is to start selling drinks and ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most popular foods on the planet and is one of the top three items that astronauts tell NASA they missed the most. Ice cream in the United States is so important that vanilla ice cream has its own special day on 23 July. Fountain drinks are also a huge moneymaker for any type of retail business, with a markup that people are willing to pay and yet which brings in an enormous amount of profit.

Getting Started

To get started in selling ice cream or fountain drinks, there are a few important items that have to be sourced. Some of the most expensive will include a new or used ice cream machine and new or refurbished ice machines. These buys can be very expensive outlays and a serious hindrance to your plans to start selling ice cream or fountain drinks. That’s why is a good idea to consider refurbished ice machines or used ice cream machines.
Refurbished ice machines can be a lot less expensive than new ones while still providing quality and dependability.

What Does It Mean That an Item Is Refurbished?

Refurbished simply means that a product cannot be sold as new. Sometimes, this is because an item has been returned with minor cosmetic damage that occurred during shipping. Sometimes, it could be because the item is a demo unit that was used in trade shows but never really saw any serious use. Sometimes, items are refurbished because there was something defective when it was initially sold. The item was returned by the first buyer and replaced by the manufacturer, but the manufacturer will then fix the defective part of the original item and sell it as refurbished. Finally, some refurbished items have simply been opened but never used. This happens sometimes when a buyer changes their mind after an item has already shipped. Once the item has been opened, it cannot be sold as “new.”

What Kind of Discount Is Available?

The amount of discount available for refurbished ice machines, for example, will depend on the reasons they have been refurbished, how new they are, and what kind of demand there is for any particular model. In general, refurbished products can sell at discounts from 15% to 50%.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Getting a Deal?

It is important to make sure you are looking at refurbished ice machines or a refurbished Taylor ice cream machine from a reputable dealer. It’s also a good idea to check on what warranty comes with any product. While refurbished products may not have the same exact warranty as a new product, they should come with some warranty of some kind. If the seller is not willing to warranty the product at all, something is probably wrong with it. It’s also a good idea to look for a fairly generous return policy. Factory certified refurbished products are also more likely to be in good shape.

Whenever you buy any kind of refurbished items, there is always a small risk involved. However, you can minimize the risk by looking for reliable sellers, warranties, and policies that will allow you to return defective items. If you are thinking about selling ice cream, fountain drinks, or any other item that requires an expensive piece of equipment to produce, look into refurbished products and find out how they can give you a better price for a reliable product.

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