How to Take Care of Your Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Few things are more popular in the United States and ice cream. When NASA asks astronauts what foods they missed most on space missions, ice cream is always among the top three along with sodas and pizza. Vanilla ice cream is so important to us that it actually has its own special day on July 23, “National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.” Although we like ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, and just about any kind of sweet dessert we can get our hands on, when we have a choice we tend to prefer soft serve ice cream. In fact, customers regularly choose soft-serve over hard ice cream seven out of 10 times.

If you’re serving ice cream, you know how important your soft serve machine is to pleasing your customers and keeping the money flowing. There are few names in the ice cream machine business as reliable as Taylor, and the Taylor soft serve ice cream machine and Taylor shake machine are the gold standard for the industry. Once you have one of these amazing machines, though, how do you clean and maintain your Taylor ice cream machine parts? After all, you need your Taylor machine working perfectly to keep your customers happy and your profit margins high. Here’s everything you need to know about getting everything you can out of your Taylor soft serve ice cream machine.

Start Out Right

You won’t have to do as much maintenance and repair of your Taylor ice cream machine parts if you install it correctly from the beginning. This means reading the owners manual and not ignoring anything that it says. It’s crucial that the power supply be correct for the machine, that there be plenty of space for good airflow around it, and that there are no other nearby appliances that will be blowing hot air all over your ice cream machine and its hard-working condenser.

Check on Things Regularly

Sometimes you’ll need to bring in a professional to maintain or repair one of your Taylor ice cream machine parts, but you also need to be checking some of the essential parts regularly. Every day, you need to make sure that you are not blocking the airflow around the condenser coil. This coil also should be checked every week to make sure that it’s clean and you should never allow dust and grime to fill it.

Clean and Lubricate

When service personnel come to repair a Taylor ice cream machine, most of the time the repair is only necessary because basic cleaning, lubrication, sanitation, and disassembly was ignored. While it can be a pain to do all of these things every day, they absolutely should not be skipped. Whenever you disassemble your machine, you’re able to see that all the parts are clean and still working. If you identify that one of your Taylor ice cream machine parts is getting worn out, you can replace it quickly before it can cause a cascade of problems that will be more expensive and difficult to fix. Lubricating everything correctly means that all the parts work as they’re supposed to and experience the least possible amount of friction. This extends the life of your Taylor ice cream machine parts. Furthermore, the lubrication acts as a sealant. If you don’t have enough in there, you’re going to have mix leaking out from all around the seals.

Check Your Product

Always make sure that the mixture using is compatible with the Taylor soft serve machine, and always check regularly to make sure that the mix is not leaking throughout your machine. Mix that gets into the machine will start growing bacteria very quickly. It will also attract insects, and both of these issues can be a death blow to your ice cream business.

Get Professional Maintenance

It’s important that you get your machine maintained by professionals according to the schedule that Taylor recommends. This is the best possible way to keep your Taylor ice cream machine parts working beautifully for a long time to come.

Install your machine correctly, keep a good eye on it, and never neglect basic maintenance and professional maintenance. You’ll be making money from happy and satisfied customers for years.

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