How Turbo Klone can Benefit Your Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening boot cover

If you aren’t an indoor garden connoisseur, you may be wondering what exactly a turbo klone is and how it might benefit you. A turbo klone is basically a streamlined cloning machine that helps regulate environmental factors for optimal growth. Plants can be finicky beings something as simple as the Ph balance can throw everything off. Although the Ph requirement varies depending on the type of plant a good in between 5.5-6 is ideal for most growing mediums.

If you are thinking of getting started with an indoor garden or you’re a season indoor gardening vet looking to up your growing game, then learning the benefits of the the turbo klone and other indoor growing extras could be helpful. A lot goes into maintaining an indoor garden, such as time for one thing and also using the correct nutrients as well as indoor gardening environmental control, below are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when getting started.

    Nutrients: Using the correct cloning supplements and/or cloning nutrients is key for healthy plant production and can be found at any indoor gardening store.

    Hydroponics: Consider using hydroponics, hydroponics can increase your growth rate by half and also boost production. Aquaculture crops have been known to use up to 90% less water according to some farmers and who wouldn’t want to save a little.

    Lighting: Know how long and how strong the lighting should be based on the plants you are growing for increased plant health and production. Hydroponic machines for cloning are also readily available. For the best results, plants grown with hydroponic systems require 8-10 hours of direct sunlight or indoor-lamplight per day.

When using a turbo klone or any machine for growing indoors you shouldn’t feel too overwhelmed as they generally come with a quick start guide for your convenience, so even a novice can give it a shot. It will usually have everything from what type of bulbs to use to when and how to clean the machine (usually after each cycle).

Indoor gardening can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby for someone who has the time and patience to maintain their plants. It would be a wonderful way to pass the time if you are retired or only work part-time, but really anyone with a can do attitude would be able to excel in indoor gardening. Before you go out and just throw yourself head first into it, take a moment to really think about what you would like to get out of it and do your homework on maintaining machines and plants alike. This will ensure you reap the highest benefit along with preventing yourself from wasting money on unnecessary extras. So get out there, the sooner you get started the sooner you can begin to reap the rewards of indoor gardening!

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