How Wear Resistant Coatings Are Becoming More Advanced Than Ever

Wear coatings

When it comes to handling dangerous objects, responsibility falls on two parties. You have those that invest in firearms or automotive parts, then you have the companies that provide the materials in the first place. When a poor experience or even harm can be caused by inferior products, it’s up to your brand to make sure you reach out to the top sellers in the industry. This means looking for wear-resistant coatings that can withstand the elements and constant handling. This means replacing hard chrome properly and going for the gold. All in all, the power is in your hands. Let’s take a look at the responsibility that comes with it.

Paint And Coatings Industry

The United States is one of the largest exporters of industrial and commercial paints and coatings. Back in 2014 the country exported an impressive $2 billion in paint and coating products, the highest level in a decade, and the same year saw 352 million gallons of industrial coats sold to customer industries at a value of nearly $7 billion. Industrial maintenance coatings have formed the second largest sub-segment over the years, valuing at $1 billion and showing no signs of depleting as demands for quality increase.

Aluminum Metal Coating

What separates aluminum metal coating from the pack? First off, there are two different kinds that are distributed through various sectors. The hot-dipped aluminum silicon as well as the hot dipped metal coating of pure aluminum boast excellent function for corrosion protection. The former has a heat resistance of 1250 degree Fahrenheit alongside heat reflectivity of at least 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

General Powder Coatings

The types of coating you’ll need depends on just who you’re selling to and why. Powder coats are defined by the dry powder electrostatically applied to any metal part. This part will then be cured under heat, creating the iconic, pleasing appearance that has wowed many a buyer. A G40 Coating is a galvanized coating consisting of nearly 99% pure zinc applied to a base steel sheet, with G100 containing 1.0 ounce of zinc for every one square foot of panel.

High Temperature Coating

We know that wear-resistant coatings need to be able to stand up to everything life throws at them. High temperature coatings were touched on above, but they can boast more than just heat deflection. The first type of high temperature coating uses a diffusion (also known as a conversion) coating in which the deposited mass is either diffused or reacted with the substrate to create a continuous gradation. This makes it flexible and dependable in a number of situations, invaluable for dangerous or volatile products.

Crafting The Ultimate Wear-Resistant Coatings

Everywhere we turn there are wear-resistant coatings protecting dangerous objects, basic signs and useful parts. Traffic marking paint is used on roadways and parking lots, creating a combined value of $454 million alone. The largest segment of the paint industry, even still, are those that produce architectural coatings. Knowing these figures and the impact they have on everyday business, you’ll be in a much better place to choose the right materials for the future. The responsibility is a lot to shoulder, but you won’t have to carry it alone. Let DLC coating services help.

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