Increase Your Presence with Digital LED Signs for Business

School sign board

Were you aware that having a quality on-site sign is the advertising equivalent of running 24 full-page ads every year? Just imagine how much more business you would have if this sign also lit up? Digital LED sign boards are definitely an eye-catching type of signage.

People do read or otherwise glance at both traditional and digital roadside billboards and signs. A recent survey showed that 71% of the participants would look at these messages, and 37% will look at these ads most of the time they pass them.

Since 35% of people wouldn’t have learned about a business if it weren’t for their sign, doesn’t it make sense to have LED signs for business? An outdoor LED display can accommodate a considerable amount of information, including your phone number and website URL. Furthermore, you can also advertise special events, upbeat slogans, and other relevant details about your brand.

When shoppers notice a retailer being advertised on a billboard, they often make a mental note to visit the store later in the week when it’s more convenient. The poll showed that this was the case with 32% of its participants. When you have an outdoor LED sign that attracts the attention of prospective customers, you may discover that they will tell you that they made a point of visiting your establishment after seeing your new sign.

Since 68% of the poll’s respondents stated that they sometimes or frequently made shopping decisions while driving, you want your signage to be in clear view and resonate with the product and services that you offer. Since LED business signs are available in a variety of colors, this can increase their visual appeal.

If you’ve had the same sign for a while, you may want to consider changing it. Recent studies have shown that this can have a positive impact on attracting customers and improving sales revenue. When other businesses have replaced their store front wall sign with a larger sign, they experienced an increase in revenue of 7.7%!

Do you have any competitors in the neighborhood? If so, is there anything unique about their signage? Since a bit of healthy competition can be positive, why not up the ante with digital LED sign boards!

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