Interested in a Career in Finance? The Sky is the Limit

Financial recruiters

So what if some people are easily excited about picking the best colors for the interior design of a home. Never mind those who dabble in some sort of repair or maintenance field. Does the prospect of checkbook balancing really get you excited? How about turning a profitable investment?

If you’re one of the millions of people in the world that gets truly worked up about money, chances are you have, or are interested in finding jobs related to finance and accounting or jobs in the finance industry. A career in the fields of financial recruiting and types of finance jobs may be just your thing.

Here are several jobs related to finance that may be right for you:

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is someone who works for businesses by assisting them in making the right investment decisions. Some analysts are able to find jobs related to finance with the help of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, statistics, finance and accounting. An MBA or master’s degree can greatly improve one’s prospects. Director of finance jobs are most often taken over by individuals who started off as analysts in the beginning of their careers. They earn about $70,000 a year on average.

Personal Financial Advisor

The job of a PFA is to know the markets, tax laws and insurance products to make financial and investment recommendations to individuals. A bachelor’s in accounting, economics, business mathematics, law or finance is preferred and will help better one’s opportunities for finding jobs related to finance. Financial advisors often become CFOs or take up finance director jobs in the future. In this professional field, one may stand to earn about $85,000 with benefits and bonuses.


Those who work as accountants are expected to plan, assess and advise on a range of matters related to practice and theory or accounting. One looking to find jobs related to finance can apply for this position with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. However, individuals with a master’s or sufficient work experience tend to get preference. The average salary with benefits and bonuses is $52,800.


Those who are responsible to analyze and examine accounting records and develop financial reports for employers or clients are known as accountants. One interested in this field should possess a degree in accounting. The chances of getting hired go up with advanced degrees and work experience. One can make about $68,000 including benefits and bonuses.

Loan Officer

When finding jobs related to finance, one mustn’t overlook the position of loan officer. It is the job of a loan officer to assist individuals and companies in applying for loans, assessing credit worthiness and helping them identify the best type of loan for their individual or organizational needs. With a bachelor’s in finance, economics or related field, one may apply for this job. Loan officers earn about $59,000 per year.

For those interested in finding jobs related to finance, one can also consider applying for jobs of collectors, bank tellers, buyers, treasurers and budget analysts. With an average salary that ranges between USD $33,000 to $130,000 these careers offer excellent prospects for anyone.

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