Is Your Business Being Advertised Effectively?

Five Ways Custom Banners Can benefit Your Business

While we may not think that a banner can have an impact on attracting customers, they can actually have a huge affect on whether or not someone stops into your store or business. Though a banner can raise awareness, it should not be all you rely on when it comes to advertising; however, it can be an effective tool to use when it comes to advertising specific deals, and you brand over all. Here are five benefits a custom banner can have on your business.

  • Banners can help attract foot traffic to your business. If you have a specific deal or sale going on, having a sign to advertise it outside your establishment can draw people in who otherwise wouldn’t have been privy to the event. This strategy can help you get more people through the door, and possibly even create returning customers after the fact.
  • A banner can be a good way to help drive sales. While you can advertise on tv and radio, having banners or signs that symbolize your specific brand can help differentiate your business from the one next door. This can also make it easier for potential customers to find you location, and depending on the design, it alone may draw curious patrons in for a look around.
  • 71% of people report actually taking the time to read signs that are posted along the roadside, and half of all customers say they entered a business because of the signage posted about it. Having effective banners can help brand your business in a unique and worthwhile light. Multiple signs and banners posted in the local area can ensure that your image will be seen and you brands message is received by the consumer base.
  • If you are a newer business, or have recently moved to a new location, and haven’t installed a proper sign, a banner can also serve as a temporary replacement. This can assure you business is still visible, even when permanent signage hasn’t been installed.
  • A banner can also serve to advertise special sales and deals that you have currently. Customers love good deals, and letting the people going by know what you have to offer can make people stop in on a whim, if only to see what you have. This can also mean they go on to tell their friends and family, who then check out your business as well.

Banners and signage can have a larger impact on your business than you may realize, and capitalizing on these benefits can help draw in customers and drum up additional business. 85% of surveyed people agreed that a sign has the ability to “convey the personality or character of the business.” Having a custom made sign that reflects the personal style of the business is a critical piece to your advertising campaign, and can create curiosity around your brand.

Look at the options available to you, and think about how a banner can boost your business. This can be an easy, but effective way to advertise what you are about, and what you have going on. Talk it over with your creative team, and see what unique ideas you can come up with to put to use when creating a banner for your business.

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