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To say that the world is interested in the world of secret meetings, international spies, and digital espionage would be an understatement. As the nation returns to work after the blockbuster airing of the James Comey testimony to the senate committee, people across the world the are imaging their own stories about the role that the Russians played in the 2016 U.U. Presidential election.
As some initial estimates indicate that the nation may have lost as much as $3.3 billion in lost productivity as watch parties and single viewers watched the Thursday morning Senate hearing, the whole world heard the fired FBI director talk about leaked handwritten memos. When Comey told the story of how he handed his hand written notes to a friend who is a Columbia University professor, with directives to leak them to the media, the talk of paper trails, document shredding services, and what documents can be destroyed moves to the forefront.
As a member of the Senate Committee says that she found Comey a credible, candid, and thorough source of information, the nation turns to the discussion of possible tapes, as well as the confiscation of those tapes if they exist. It is possible that secure shredding services, hard drive destruction, and other privacy protection services will skyrocket as regular citizens are reminded once again about the importance of privacy issues.
Secure Shredding Services Protect Individuals and Corporations Alike
Whether you are a private individual who is concerned about identity theft or you are a large corporation attempting to protect memos on important meetings and negotiations, the safe handling and the destruction of information is paramount.

Identity theft is a growing concern for many Americans. The fear of someone else getting access to your financial and other personal information can keep people awake at night, ruin credit scores, and worse. One way that both private individuals and corporations can help protect personal identities is to use document shredding solutions. And while an individual can achieve shredding fairly easily, large companies often need to contract with secure shredding services providers.
And while the nation is thinking about Russian elections interventions when they think about the FBI today, the work of most FBI agents and field workers are often are far more mundane, though still important, tasks. In fact, the FBI, reports their estimates indicate that information theft costs American businesses close to $24 billion a year.
Consider some of these statistics about the document storage and secure shredding services industries:

  • 95% of business information is still stored on paper, according to most estimates.
  • 80 million tons of paper are consumed every year in the U.S.
  • Only 10% of identity theft cases are representative of online exchanges.
  • Health insurance providers and doctors are legally tasked with document shredding tasks. Because of the sensitivity of their patients’ and clients’ information, federal and state laws dictate that all medical organizations have comprehensive data-destruction plans.
  • Paper shredding is extremely important in keeping business and personal information secure, safe, and confidential.

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