Is Your Custom Plastic Bottle Design Eco-Friendly? Customers Want To Know

Plastic molding has seen some major development these past few years.

Why wouldn’t there be? There’s a lot of talk about reducing plastic waste, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing plants and still maintaining the quality customers have come to know and expect. This means, when you craft your custom plastic bottle design, you have to make sure you’re using every single last resource at your disposal. Having everything in one handy little package isn’t a dream of the past anymore and no business worth its salt is going to miss out on some of the best manufacturing tools available today.

Let’s take a look at what goes into good custom plastic bottle design.

First things first…a better view of the industry. The American plastics industry employs around one million workers today. This includes consultation, marketing, custom blow molding, graphic design and environmental awareness, among others. Overall they contribute a staggering $375 billion to the industry. Not big enough? The plastics industry in the United States is the third largest manufacturing industry, making better blow molding plastic resources a resource you can’t overlook.

Back in 2013 over 105 billion pounds of plastic (as well as resins) were manufactured. This was a significant increase over the previous year, to boot, and it’s projected these numbers will only continue to grow. Today the world both makes and consumes around 600 billion pounds of plastic every year, with the market growing at a steady 5% annually. These industries range from food to drink to toys, which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money no matter which field you specialize in.

Americans today use over two million plastic bottles every hour. What can custom plastic bottle design do to step up its game? Today bottles and containers comprise a little over 50% of HDPE packaging products as well as 40% of HDPE products. These did the work of displacing heavier metal, glass and paper packages back in the 1970′s. Change doesn’t wait for anyone, however, and today’s concerns veer closer toward lighter, cleaner resources that still keep products fresh and distribution easy.

Just two pounds of plastic are able to deliver 1,300 ounces (or 10 gallons) of a beverage, where three pounds of aluminum would be needed to bring home the same amount. How can we make these figures even better? Your standard blow molding machine consists of three major parts. You have the extruder, the accumulator die and the molds from which containers with different sizes or shapes are processed through. Today manufacturing companies are able to choose between the extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding or stretch blow molding.

Which one is best for your bottle companies depends on your output, your custom plastic bottle design and any other factors that go into your business’s mission statement. According to studies provided by the PET Container Resources (or NAPCOR), over 5,000 million pounds of PET bottles (as well as jars) were available for recycling back in 2013. Around 85% of those bottles are used for food and beverages. Clean energy isn’t just a fad that will blow over in a few years. When the ocean could have more plastic than fish in it after a few decades, this is a new way of life.

Is it possible to have custom plastic bottle design that’s fast, cheap and eco-friendly? With today’s technology…it’s more than possible.

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