Is Your Transportation Company Considering Outsourcing Its Invoice Funding?

You completely and utterly dated yourself at work today. In the midst of helping a new co-worker compose an email, you told her to insert a carriage return. She looked at you as if you had started to speak in tongues. You then had to go onto to explain that carriage return is a colloquialism used to describe the art of getting a typewriter to advance your paper one line. This keystroke now, of course, is known as the Enter key. For anyone under the age of 40 you always have to remember that there is a new generation who only think of a computer whenever they think of keyboarding. This is the generation that now considers buying vintage typewriters as a quaint idea that allows them to personalize their birthday cards and correspondence.

In an age of invoice funding companies and freight factoring services, there is little to no talk about typewriters, carriage returns, and hand written invoices. And while there may still be a few mom and pop shops who create handwritten original and carbon copies of their records, it is far more common to have moved all billing and transportation records to digital platforms that can be instantaneously accessed from around the world.

Transportation Factoring Companies and Other Electronic Providers Make Easy Work of Complicated Tasks
If you are someone who has been in the transportation industry for more than 25 years you have seen a significant transformation of the way that records are documented. From piles of paper copies for every customer to digital files that avoid wasted paper and time, you have likely lived through a significant digitization process. One advantage of understanding both ways of recording and billing these services, of course, is in understanding the efficiencies of today’s digital methods.

So many processes have been so stream lined, in fact, that many companies are now able to outsource much of the billing and documentation records. For instance, with the use of invoice funding companies and other contracted providers, many companies are able to leave the invoicing to outside providers and instead focus on the efficient delivery of their goods.

Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, and vessels move goods over the world’s transportation network and the digital world allows these deliveries to be more efficiently handled. The fact that approximately 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the U.S. alone means that this data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plays an important role in every industry and commercial good provider. With the use of invoice funding companies, it is possible to make sure that records are as accurate as possible.

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