It’s Not Enough To Snag A Potential Customer’s Attention Spicing Up Your Store With Creative Retail Ideas

Outdoor pedestal signs

A sign is everything a business needs to catch a customer’s attention…but can you keep it?

Retail display fixtures are the in-between for your sign and eventual purchase. They do the very useful and very complex task of not just directing your customer around your store, but feeding them a steady stream of information to make browsing easy and purchasing even easier. When your acrylic display risers and clear price tag sleeves aren’t up to snuff, however, you could be losing even more money than you thought. Why would a consumer want to spend their time on a business that clearly hasn’t thought its customer service all the way through?

Keeping up your retail display fixtures will go a long way in making sure your business can hold up to any last-minute decision or new customer.

Did you know over 30,000 SKUs are launched every year? This keeps competition heavy and businesses always on the scramble for the next big thing. Turns out success relies on a lot of old-fashioned methods of advertising, cultivating long-term interest and rewarding steady visits. While digital marketing and accessible shipping services have helped businesses reach larger consumer bases, the appeal of a physical shop has yet to go out of style. Retail display fixtures are more than just decoration. They’re practically the lifeblood of a successful in-store experience.

The more you know about the average in-store experience, the better. It’s thought shoppers will make as many as 80% of their purchase decisions in-store. Why? Turns out many people don’t know what they want until they see it up close and personal. According to a Mass Merchant Study conducted back in 2014, over 15% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of money your brand could be making by being more clever and more consistent with its retail display fixtures.

A recent 2011 report found as much as 85% of customers will pay more for a better experience. Yes, even price can take a backseat to a positive memory they can reflect on as they move about their day. As many as six to 10 purchases in a store can be classified as impulse buys, to boot, and the average customer can be exposed to over 3,000 advertisements in a single day. How do you manage all these statistics with your own store? You’ll want to find a strong combination of brochure display racks, retail display fixtures and custom glass door signage to keep your bases covered.

Marketing strategies are necessary, but expensive. A good sign doesn’t just cost less…it’s actually more effective in the long run. The cost to reach 1,000 adults with a sign or merchandiser with a life of one year was between three cents and 37 cents. Compare this to a 30 second commercial, which cost an average of four dollars to seven dollars on average. You’ll even notice an increase in single purchases, as full priced merchandise performed over 15% better with signage than without. Another study from Brigham Young University also found merchandise with signs outperformed merchandise without signs at a 20% higher rate.

Simple design tips should be utilized throughout your store to minimize confusion and maximize the ultimate customer service experience. Bold lettering is easy to read, doubly so if it’s large, and extra information should be organized neatly on the bottom or side to help the eye transition. Try to avoid too many colors or designs when creating your custom signs, as clutter just makes people gravitate toward something simpler. Last, but not least, add some visual variety. Clear window decals do better when they’re paired with creative retail display ideas that urge people to explore rather than float off to the nearest competitor.

Don’t just get your customer’s attention. Make them stick around by giving your store the visual panache it so desperately needs.

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