Janitor Services Helping to Keep the Office Healthy

Looking for a janitor

Everyone has a different work style. Some people need to have every pen and paperclip in its proper place on, in, and around their desk. Meanwhile others are thrown off if their system of organized chaos is disturbed, or as some people refer to it: cleaned. It is important to have diverse opinions, perspectives, and work styles in work environments, but when it comes down to it, there must be some standard of cleanliness for optimal productivity and health issues. For these reasons you may want to explore what janitor services are available for your company to utilize.

Why hiring a good janitor service is important

If you are looking for good options to improve your business, think about how the level of cleanliness can affect the work environment. To each his or her own, when it comes to how each employee wants to have their personal space organized. But as far as keeping the general work space clean, pleasant, and healthy, it’s best to have a good janitor service. Quality office cleaning services can help reduce absenteeism by helping to prevent illnesses that could easily be passed around on unclean surfaces or shared objects and spaces. On average, a desk can often host about 10 million different types of bacteria. Phones in the office can often host an average of 25,127 germs per square inch.
And that isn’t even taking into account things like computer keyboards and each computer mouse, objects that are passed around like staplers or scissors or pens, or items that might get forgotten in normal cleaning circumstances such as the arm rests on chairs, door handles, and elevator buttons.

Taking care of yourself and your coworkers
Even with a good janitor service that comes in to clean and disinfect in an attempt to rid the office of the germs and bacteria that might put you at risk of catching or developing something that makes you feel a bit under the weather, a cleaning service can only do so much. You and your coworkers also have a responsibility to watch out for each other. When one in every three employees are still heading to work when they are sick, it creates a higher risk for everyone. Yes, it sometimes feels good to know that you are stronger than any bug that tries to bring you down, but resting and recuperating is perfectly acceptable. Pushing yourself when you are not healthy does not help anyone, least of all you.

Trying to stay healthy when you have an unreasonable boss

Of course, everyone’s job is different and some workplaces have different demands. Some people may not feel free to take the time off that is necessary to rest and heal up from a sickness. But we should work toward safe, tolerant, and healthy workplaces for everyone. Employers should be supporting their employees, and watching out for their wellbeing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Not every employer cares as he or she should, and in such cases, their sense of business must be appealed to, at least in the meantime, until the actual issues are addressed. Coming to work with a bad cold, the flu, or something worse will likely only result in an office-wide epidemic that will cost the company more money or resources in the long run as more employees find they cannot make it in to work.

Finding the right cleaning services can do wonders to give your office
the boost that it needs. But make sure that you are also doing your part. Homemade cookies, donuts from that place down the street, or a cake for someone’s birthday are all ideal things to bring in to work to share. Do not bring that cold or flu in to share.

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