Keep the Rays Away Tinting, Window Coverings Block out the Sun

The sun provides us some of the energy we need, but it also causes us to increase our energy use. Heat from the sun in the summer causes the need for air conditioning in most places in the world. And sun beaming in through windows can cause energy use to increase, which also increases electric bills. There are ways you can help keep the sun out, whether it’s in your home or a commercial building. Doing so will help to decrease the energy you use to cool the space.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to block the sun’s rays and reduce your cooling bill is to put some kind of covering on your windows. This usually involves either curtains or blinds inside the building, although it could be through some sort of exterior covering, such as shutters. These types of window coverings are relatively inexpensive — for example, you can get cheap blinds for around $20 per residential window — and they do a good job of keeping out the sun’s rays. The one drawback, with curtains more than blinds, is that they allow in very little light. In a commercial building, you could actually eat up a significant portion of your cooling savings by having to spend money on artificial lighting.

A better solution, especially in commercial buildings, is building window tint. Building window tint involves adding a substance to the window glass to help block out ultraviolet rays. Tinted windows help to block out the sun’s harmful light while still allowing in beneficial light. For example, a tinted glass window can block nearly 80% of the sun’s solar heat, which can reduce your cooling bills by as much as 40%. Building window tint also cuts down on glare by as much as 50%, while still allowing in anywhere from 30% to 80% of visible light. That reduces the need to use artificial indoor lighting.

Solar control glass tinting also can have other beneficial uses. Window tinting can be reinforced to enhanced security. In addition, using window tint to decorate windows is something that is growing in popularity. The tinting can come in different colors or it can even be arranged so that it shows a pattern on the sides of buildings.

The sun provides essential energy, but it also causes harm. Blocking it out of homes and buildings, using either window coverings or window tinting, provides a number of benefits, including reduced cooling bills and reducing the amount of harmful UV rays.

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