Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy With a Home Water Treatment System

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Poets often get it right, needing only a few words to put the larger issues of life in perspective. Thus W.H. Auden wrote that “…putting first things first: Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Water is what sustains life. Pure drinking water is not a luxury, but a necessity. Impure drinking water is a leading cause of mortality in poorer countries. In the U.S., impurities in drinking water can have chemical or biological origins, but both can endanger health. In home water purification systems that filter water at the point of use are the only way to ensure that you and your family are drinking clean water.

Water is life
As we learn in high school, about 60% of our bodies are made up of water. Water is important for health in many differ ways. Staying hydrated helps your digestive system to function properly. It also helps you look better by keeping your skin healthy.
While individual needs vary, on average men need about 3 liters of water a day and women need about 2.2 liters. It’s very important to pay attention to staying hydrated; it’s easy to forget to drink water and start getting dehydrated.

Sources of impurities in drinking water
About 85% of Americans, or 300 million people, get their water supply from public water systems. The remaining 15% use private water systems such as wells, which are not covered by government regulations regarding clean water. Whatever the source of the water supply, it can easily pick up contaminants. More than 2,100 different types of contaminants have been identified in tap water across the country.
Fluoride and lead are two of the commonest contaminants. Fluoride is added to the water supply in many regions to help prevent cavities. But too much fluoride can be harmful and lead to a decrease in bone strength. Older water pipes contain lead, which can leach into the water. Lead is poisonous when consumed and has been shown to cause learning disabilities in children. The best way to ensure that your water supply is clean and uncontaminated is to install
in home water purification systems.

Risks of drinking contaminated water
Even though clean drinking water is essential for survival, unfortunately it is not accessible to everyone. In fact, impure, contaminated water is the leading cause of epidemic disease and infant mortality in poorer countries. Clean drinking water is especially important for the the health of children and pregnant women.
The lack of clean drinking water can affect a child’s mental and physical health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that every year, about 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children in the U.S. can be traced to lead contamination in water. Clean water is also essential for women who are pregnant, since contamination can lead to bright defects. Installing an in-home point-of-use filtration system is the best way to supply clean drinking water to your family.

In home water purification systems
Home water treatment systems are the best way to ensure clean drinking water for yourself, your family and pets. In home water purification systems in your kitchen can ensure that the water you use for drinking and cooking is pure and uncontaminated. The best water systems are those that have been customized for your home and water supply.

Many water systems specialists offer free water analysis to determine which water filtration systems are right for your situation. They also provide free estimates. Water softener systems for homes and businesses are customized to fit the specific needs and problems.

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