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Water is essential for life as we know it. Clean water is not accessible to a large percentage of the human population. Across the globe, women walk long distances every day to get clean water for themselves and their families. For too many people, the right water treatment processes are just not available and the results are devastating.

Environmental remediation professionals say that there are a number of water treatment processes out there that can be used to rid water of a number of problems. These include contaminants and pollution. These water treatment processes can be used to treat soil, groundwater, and surface water.

  • Use a pump to clean up groundwater. For this process, water is sucked out of the ground with a kind of vacuum pump. After that, the processes of carbon absorption, biological methods, and air stripping are employed to pull out the contaminants.
  • Cultivate or add nutrients to the water. This water treatment process is also called “bio-remediation.” This helps break down whatever contaminants are in the water by using cultivation techniques or simply by adding nutrients.
  • Treat the wastewater. With this contaminants are taken out of wastewater by treating the water with chemicals, biological agents, or simply through methods that physically remove the waste from the water.
  • Add heat to burn the organic compounds away. It is possible to destroy organic contaminants through heat. When heated to a very high temperature, the organic material is killed and rendered harmless.
  • Vaporize the contaminants. If the problems in the water are related to hydrocarbons or mercury (and similar substances), they can be burned out of soil.
  • Just get rid of the contamination itself. There are times when none of the water treatment processes are enough to clean the water, soil, or whatever has been contaminated. In these cases, the only option is to remove all of it to be destroyed at one of the water treatment centers.

While it is clear that there are a number of water treatment processes, there are also a lot of reasons people need to drink more clean water. Here are just a few:

  • Drinking more water can help with weight loss. When people drink water, their bodies can more efficiently remove waste products from the body. More and more, researchers are finding that people who consume more water when they are trying to lose weight actually lose more than people who do not.
  • Water helps your memory and brain activity. A well-hydrated brain works better. People who drink a lot of water have better mental and cognitive abilities. The Institut Pasteur has found that when people lose a mere 2% of water from their bodies, their short-term memory is inspected. They are also less able to concentrate on things such as a printed page or a computer screen.
  • Well-hydrated muscles work better. When deprived of water, the muscles in the human body start to break down. When people are adequately hydrated, they protect their tendons and muscles from injury. When people consume between eight and ten glasses of water, they also report experiencing joint and back pain. Research shows that this can help up to 80% of people suffering from these issues.
  • There is no “gold standard” for the exact amount people need every day. Each person has their own requirement for the amount of water they need to consume on a daily basis. This depends a lot of how large they are, what kind of climate they live in, and how active they are. For people who live in more moderate conditions who work out regularly, they will use at least one liter of water every day. People lose water through breathing, sweating, and the waste we eject. People need to get at least one liter (in these conditions) of water through food and beverages. The more exercise a person does and the more extreme the weather conditions, the more water they need to drink and eat.

It has been estimated that a mere 1% of water on the planet Earth is safe to drink. That is the reason so many water treatment processes have been developed. It is the reason that access to clean and sanitary water has become a crisis all over the globe. Clean water keeps us all healthy.

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