Learn More About the Benefits of Switching to VoIP Business Systems

Types of business phone systems

If your business is searching for communication solutions, you may be interested to learn more about VoIP business systems. Given the amount of time that personnel spend on the phone, it makes sense to explore a variety of options. Since there are different types of business phone systems, it’s important to find the best one to address your needs. Since VoIP technology makes phone systems both flexible and portable, this can assist with streamlining your business communication needs.

Do your employees engage in some level of telework? Currently, there are roughly 64 million employees within the United States whose positions require them to do so as well. On a daily basis, there are an average of 11 million meetings held within the United States. Many of these meetings are conducted via video conferencing and utilize a variety of VoIP services.

Sage Research conducted a recent survey on workplace productivity. The results showed that employees had increased productivity as a direct result of utilizing Internet telephony. This amounted to 3.9 hours a week for each employee. Given this, it’s not surprising that by 2018, mobile VoIP is expected to have around one billion users.

There are two VoIP protocols that are gaining in popularity. While both of these are able to support encryption, they do so under different circumstances. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323 have both been designed to support multimedia over Internet Protocols so that Web-based video conferencing is secure.

By the end of 2015, the VoIP industry was predicted to be valued at over $76 billion. The value of small and home office subscribers was projected to reach $262 million at that time, which amounted to a 50% increase from 2011. The industry is obviously expected to experience continued growth.

In addition to increased workplace productivity, encrypted video conferencing, and other benefits, your business can also save money by switching to VoIP business systems. When you replace your traditional phone lines with VoIp , you will be able to save between 20% to 50% a month on your bill. Most businesses would likely agree that reducing the costs of conducting business is an excellent idea.

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