Making a Difference in Carbide Recycling

Tungsten carbide powder buyer

What is Tungsten Carbide? It is a chemical compound that combines tungsten and carbon atoms. It comes as a tungsten carbide powder in natural form, but can be pressed in machinery processes to make virtually anything you’re looking for. Today we will teach you a bit about tungsten carbide, from facts you may have never known, to why your scrap carbide is important to us as a scrap carbide recycling company.

Everything You Need to Know About Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is used in a variety of products today, which is why we buy your leftover carbide scrap to make all new products to bring to the market. Here are some of the products you could find made out of carbide:

-Inserts, used in mining, construction, oil and gas industries, and more

-Tools that prevent wear and tear, which can be used in a variety of industries and cannot fail due to their high usage

-Drill bits that are used in everyday mining processes

-Wedding bands, which are becoming all the rage in the most recent years

You may want to know more about tungsten carbide and why it is in such high demand in a variety of processes. It is a very hard material that falls on the scale right behind diamond, the hardest. It is rated as being as hard as 9 Moh’s. It also has about twice the stiffness of steel and about double the density. Because it comes in a dozen different grades, you will find it in all sorts of products and used in various ways.

A Scrap Carbide Recycling Company For You

If your business has scrap carbide left over from machining, we would like to make an offer to you. We are tungsten scrap specialists that understand the prices of tungsten today and are willing to work with you on the best deal possible. Did you know that, out of all the tungsten that is used for scrap, only 66% of it will be used in the U.S. and the rest will be recycled elsewhere? Through recycling in our own country, we bring you all new products to be used again and again. This is why your scrap matters, and we’re willing to buy – so talk to us today so we can make a deal. More.

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