My Favorite Fox News Anchors

Fox news anchors

What makes for great anchors on fox news? An anchor, or newscaster, is the person who hosts news programming, and may or may not be involved in commentary. While many Fox news anchors are used, there are a few that are worthy of highlighting. I wish to focus on some of them.

One of my personal favorite Fox News anchors is Neil Cavuto, currently the lead business anchor. In addition to hosting Your World with Neil Cavuto, Cavuto is also a senior vice president and managing editor for business news at Fox News Networks. Cavuto is also instrumental in starting and running the Fox Business News Network, which competes head to head with other 24 hour news stations.

I have always been a softie for business news. Maybe that is why I like Cavuto as a Fox News anchor. But I also think he is intelligent, and it shows. You cannot buy the intelligence or the work ethic that Neil Cavuto has.

Another of my favorite Fox news anchors is Shepherd Smith. Smith is a traditional Fox News Anchor in the mold of Walter Cronkite or Edward R Murrow, in that he focuses on straight, no nonsense reporting. Smith worked for a series of Southern TV stations in the 1980s and 1990s, but settled on Fox News since its inception in 1996.

Smith, as I said, is a straight reporter. I think that is why so many people like him. You see, with so much spin out there, I think it is hard to trust some anchors. Smith is great as a Fox News anchor because he keeps spin to near zero, and yet has a pleasing, folksy manner that connects with people.

Still another Fox News anchor I like is Brett Baier. To be honest, I cannot put my finger on what it is I like about him. Maybe that is okay. All I know is that he connects with me, and probably with many of his viewers. In television, making a connection is very hard to do.

Many Fox News anchors have many great traits. Most often have illustrious careers. I think what unites us in fascination about them, though, is how relational they are. Each has a straightforward, folksy reporting style, and that reflects in the high ratings Fox News enjoys.

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