Plastic Bottle Desing What is is and What is Used

Clear plastic jugs

The plastic industry is a largely growing industry seeing extensive growth. Over 2.5 million plastic bottles are used every hour meaning this industry employs over one million workers and contributes almost $400 million to the economy. This industry is the third largest industry in the U.S. Whether producing clear plastic jugs, custom plastic bottles, large plastic cylinder containers or any plastic container it is safe to say that plastics play an important role in the economy. Production of plastic products varies, however one of the most popular production methods includes blow molding.

Blow molding makes it possible to produce custom plastic bottles and decide which plastic bottle design works best for what your company needs and your consumers want. When you decide on a mold that works well you can have the mold saved for easier future reference. Choosing to blow mold your custom bottle design will save time and money in the long run for your business.

Not all plastics are created equal and knowing which plastics work best with blow molding can be a great benefit.

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic when it comes to blow molding. Its uses varies greatly, but a vast array of consumer products are produced using this plastic. Products produced with this plastic include coolers and consumer product bottles such as shampoo and motor oil.

LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene. This plastic is commonly used for products that are put under stress and must not crack, and must be bendable. This plastic is softer than the above plastic, making a popular choice for water bottles. If your plastic bottle design needs to be flexible and have some leeway before cracking, then this plastic could be a good choice. Other products this plastic is good for include squeeze bottles and plastic bags.

PP: Polypropylene. This is the second most popular choice of plastics in the world. It is stiffer with a lower density than the other choices listed above, but it holds some advantages and benefits. This plastic is used for blow molding for things when temperatures are a little different than normal. Dishwasher tubs, are a great example of when this type of plastic is used.

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride. This plastic is commonly known for it’s use in pipes. The plastic used for pipes is the harder form, but there is also a softer form, that is commonly used for medical devices and things such as cones.

No matter what type of plastic you decide to use for your plastic bottle design choose one that meets the needs of consumers who will be using it. Choosing blow molding to create your perfect plastic bottle design will ensure that your design in always available when needed. Choosing the right type of plastic is just as important as choosing the right plastic bottle design for your company.

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