Searching for an Investment Opportunity? Learn More About Opportunities Within the Leisure Industry

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If you’re considering an investment in the leisure industry, you’ve probably begun conducting research accordingly. As a result, it’s likely that you’ve discovered the benefits of investing within the leisure industry. Purchasing a campground or an RV park may be an excellent choice given that nearly six out of ten households in the United States have at least one resident that goes on camping trips.

Investing in Family Campgrounds

Investing in family campgrounds can be a good investment choice, as many families enjoy spending time together at these types of facilities. A Kampgrounds of America study, for example, found that 20% of campers valued being able to go camping at a campsite that was “kid friendly.” Furthermore, since most of these franchises have a variety of family-friendly activities available, this is an added benefit.

Investing in RV Parks

RV parks can provide another investment option. Throughout the country, RIVA estimates that there are 30 million RV enthusiasts. While many of these RV campers may own their RVs, others will rent one to travel to various RV parks. These franchises tend to have all of the amenities that RV travelers appreciate and expect, such as electrical and water hookups, barbecues for outdoor cooking, and picnic-style bench seating.

Even though RVs have small kitchens, It’s interesting to note that 78% of campers enjoy cooking outdoors. While many of these individuals will bring along their own outdoor cooking stoves and grills, others appreciate the option of having access to barbecues at these facilities.

Currently, there are over 12,000 RV-related businesses operating in the United States. The combined annual revenues of these enterprises amount to more than $37.5 billion. This definitely points to an opportunity to make a sound investment.

Other Important Aspects to Consider

Even though American campers enjoy the act of camping and just being outdoors, they still want access to WiFi, especially free WiFi. A recent survey showed that this was one of the top three most important things for campers.

Whether campers bring their own tents or sleep in their RVs, many appreciate having access to family-friendly cabins and other types of accommodations when they go on camping trips. Given this, many campers prefer having several options to heighten their experience.

When individuals and families go camping, around 50% will travel less than 100 miles from home. This is another reason why camping is a popular and convenient leisure activity. Since family campgrounds and RV parks are located within a few hours drive, they are more apt to choose camping for weekend and extended vacations.

Investing in the Leisure Industry

There are a variety of investment options available, from family campgrounds to RV parks. In some instances, individual campsites and RV parks are available for sale by their owners. In other instances, there are opportunities to invest in franchises.

Once you learn more about the benefits of making an investment in these and other aspects of the leisure industry, you will be able to determine the best course of action. Since camping will continue to be a popular activity, and more and more people are discovering its benefits every year, this type of investment may prove to be an excellent opportunity for you.

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