Steel, Gearboxes, and Analyzing Your Machines

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Did you know about the importance of steel in the modern economy?

While steel has been around for over multiple millenia and that the process of making carbon steel has been around for at least 2,000 years in East Africa, steel plays a vital role in today’s economy, from farm equipment to the actual workers employed in the steel industry.

For instance:

  • Two to three million people are employed are directly employed in the steel industry.
  • There are an additional six million employed in supporting roles.
  • Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, with 90% recycled material.

Steel is integral to the construction of industrial machines, such as vertical mills, rotary grinders, and cold saws. In 2010, the United States exported industrial machines to the value of nearly $43 billion. Machinery manufacturing equipment shipment totaled over $400 billion or 7% of all shipment in 2012.

One of the most important aspects of steel is for the transmission in machines. Often referred to as a “gearbox,” these steel products regulate the power output (and its correlating speed) for machines like vehicles or other complicated and complex equipment. You may have felt the cost from a transmission having trouble: The cost for a transmission repair or replacement in a car can be one of the highest costs.

Gearboxes can have problems. Four of the most common warning signs of gearbox problems include excessive noise, vibration, fluid leaks, and oil contamination. The signs may be caused by leaky seals, bearing failure, or electrical fluting. When it comes to gearboxes, whether in your vehicle or other machinery, it’s important to decide whether to handle the problem on your own or consult a professional.

If you have the expertise and experience in rebuilding gearboxes, it is possible to accomplish a gearbox rebuild using a gearbox rebuild guide with gearbox rebuild kits. Of course, it’s important to assess the gearbox repair cost, either on your own or by consulting gearbox repair specialists.

As always, consider consulting a company that specializes in the analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment. If your check engine light comes on, for instance, most will take the vehicle directly to a company that can perform an analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment.

Companies that specialize in the analytical assessment and test of mechanical equipment can test more than gearboxes as well. Vibration analysis services, shaft and bearing replacement repair and renewal, engine heads and valves repair and renewal can all come into play with certain types of machines.

The statistics show that the manufacturing of construction equipment generates a great deal of revenue. Together, the construction machinery, farm machinery, and mining, oil, and gas field machinery industries led machinery manufacturing with $43.9 billion, $38.3 billion, and $32.7 billion in shipments respectively. They accounted for a total of 28% of all shipments.

When repairing, always be aware of the risks of performing the tasks and maintenance and adhere to safety guidelines.

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