The Best Signs and Posters for Advertising

Despite the rise of the Internet and how much media and advertisement exposure people get from it, traditional routes of advertisements are still potent, and in some ways, are even more effective than online advertisements are. Physical ads for products and services, plus high quality posters, real estate signs, shop signs, and billboards by the road are all still effective in today’s digital world for conveying a message, and any company would do well to make use of this. What kind of statistics prove that signs are still effective? How can someone make a custom sign to draw attention? What are some other, more specific kinds of signs? There is a whole world of advertisement out there.

The Power of Signs

High quality posters, custom display boards, custom banners, billboards, and much more can be very effective at raising awareness of a product or service, or promoting deals, new items, sales, and special discounts for anyone to see. In fact, it has been determined that on-site signage for a company has the same advertising power as 24 full-page newspaper ads per year, and many customers use this advertising power on local customers. After all, around 85% of a company’s customers live within five miles of a business, and this means that those potential customers will see its signs around 50 times a week, providing plenty of exposure. And among all people surveyed, 85% of respondents said that a sign’s design can convey a business’s personality and character. Political candidates can tap into this power as well; statistics show that 40% of respondents to surveys first learn about local political candidates through their signs, and two out of five people would vote differently if those signs were absent (because of the lack of name recognition).

Types of Signs

Signs come in many varieties for different purposes and places. High quality posters, for example, are common at movie theaters or cinemas. This raises awareness of upcoming movies or advertises currently playing films, and such posters may be in frames and will use high profile actors, flashy or unique visuals, and more to draw in viewers. High quality posters may also be used in a shop, store, or other place of business to advertise upcoming deals, sales, and one-time offers, with such posters usually being placed indoors, although some may also be placed outdoors on appropriate surfaces. High quality posters are easy to put up and take back down, so there is very little hassle for using them.

Billboards are a common route for political candidates and businesses to advertise along the road, and it has been determined that people often look at these billboards, whether in urban or rural environments. Law firms, local political candidates, construction companies, and more can use this space to advertise themselves, buying the rights to use a billboard for a set time. Billboards may also have lighting rigs on them to maximize visibility even at night. Also, smaller, unique shops can make good use of signs, especially since such businesses probably won’t have an online presence beyond a social media account. An antique shop, a sandwich shop, or a small bookstore will probably not buy ad space on television or in magazines, especially since it only operates in one area (and couldn’t afford such ads). Instead, to be budget friendly and practical, these shops will set up physical signs above or in front of the business location to advertise its wares, as well as deals, discounts, and special promotions. Such signs can also have colors, decals, and special fonts to draw attention to themselves as people pass them by.

Aside from billboards or high quality posters, another route that advertisers can take is using ad wraps on vehicles; that is, large stickers and papers placed on a vehicle that drives around, promoting the material wherever it goes. This allows the ad to reach a huge audience, and can quickly pay for itself, and such advertisements can be removed from the vehicle whenever needed. This could even be used in conjunction with regular signs to boost advertisements even more.

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