The Differences Between Direct Mail and Email

Many companies look for ways to reach a wider customer base. Considering that, you’ll likely have many marketing methods at your disposal. Business owners often have an initially tough time choose between direct mail or email marketing. That being said, there are noticeable differences between these two types of marketing. In this post, you’ll learn about the main difference between email and direct mail marketing.

Differences Between Direct Mail and Email

It’s understandable to wonder the difference between direct and email marketing campaigns. The biggest difference is that direct mail will be sent to mailboxes while emails obviously end up in inboxes. Companies wanting direct mail campaigns partner with printing companies. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns are often handled by digital agencies. Many business owners wonder whether to choose direct or email marketing campaigns. With that in mind, here are three crucial difference between email and direct mail advertising.

Not Being Blocked by Spam Folders

While there are rules and guidelines to follow before sending direct mail, you’ll never have to compete against a wide range of computer firewalls and spam blockers with direct mail campaigns. Spam filters tools are tools intended to help sort and remove potentially unwanted emails from someone’s inbox. That being said, these tools can often go overboard in terms of blocking what they determine to be spam emails.

For instance, you’ve probably waited on an email to land in your inbox. However, you end up being told to check your spam or junk email folder and there it is. Unfortunately, many email spam filters can incorrectly block what a customer wanted to see. If you want to avoid this concern, it’s best to choose direct mail marketing. Printing companies help business owners create direct mail. In turn, business owners never have to worry about direct mail being blocked or sent away by a spam filter.

Making a More Memorable Impression

Many people will spend more time sorting through personal mail versus checking an email folder. Most check their emails constantly, consider that this is possible from many types of mobile phones. This means that emails are often filtered through the brain quickly, much faster than with direct mail.

In fact, one recent study found that 70% of those surveyed could remember a brand after receiving direct mail from the company. On the other hand, only 30% of those surveyed could recall a brand from seeing a digital advertisement. You might think that direct mail will be impossible to attract millennials. After all, many within this age range are more focused on their mobile devices. However, research shows that this isn’t necessarily true. One study found that 90% of millennials felt that direct mail marketing was reliable.

Less Overall Competition

You’ve probably noticed that it can take a lot of time to clear out your email inbox. Many others with email accounts find that their accounts often get bombarded. This often means that your emails are going to be competing with brands from all over the world. In addition, these companies often send out emails daily, if not multiple times a day.

Consider the vast amount of emails most people’s inboxes are filled with, it makes sense to want to avoid this marketing strategy. You’ll have a lot less competition to worry about while sending direct mails. Whereas one person might receive five pieces of direct mail each day, the same individual will likely receive many more daily emails. It’s extremely rare that someone will receive more pieces of direct than emails on a per day or week basis. If you want to avoid competing with large amounts of other companies, it’s wise to choose a direct mail marketing campaign.

In conclusion, direct mail has several benefits over email marketing campaigns. One study found that 92% of shoppers utilized direct mail for making buying decisions. If you want to begin sending direct mail, it’s best to work with professionals. This is why many businesses partner with printing companies. In turn, these companies can listen to what you want to achieve and turn this into direct mail marketing campaigns. There are many printing companies available, try to find a company that is both experienced and reliable.

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