The importance of color coding

Removable colored circle labels would be an amazing addition to any business for your merchandise and product placement needs. When certain products have color-code stickers, it makes it much easier to combine likewise products/merchandise to the other. Also, not only is it great for business to thrive off of, but also big corporations and factories who produce mass amounts of products per day. on the contrary, it would also be amazing for shipping services such as UPS. Colored circle labels are something very simple to acquire, but make quite the impact. Here are some other reasons why you take using them into consideration for any of your production needs.

Studies have shown that assorted color coding labels have made it so much easier for consumers to differentiate certain things from the other. 85% of consumers cite color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product, as well as color increasing the purchased brand recognition itself by 80%. This makes it much easier for consumers to link certain colors to certain brands. To add to this ideal, In 2002, researchers also discovered that subjects performed five to 10 percent better on standardized pattern recognition tests when they were administered in color rather black and white. This proves the point that colors and colored circle labels are an incredible addition for big corporations and companies. With America’s factories made $5.3 trillion worth of goods in 2016, this is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Another great example that declares that small colored dot stickers are such a great investment for a company, would be the great use that they have in the postal service industry. On an average day, UPS handles 15.8 million packages–making it very hard to differentiate them without a color coding process. Round printable labels make it very convenient for your mail to be recognizable. A federal statute known as 18 USC Section 1702 makes it illegal to open correspondence addressed to someone else. However, the law cannot be applied if you did not recognize that the mail was not yours when you opened it. To keep this from happening, color coding is a great key in the process of mail delivering and receiving. To give an idea of the importance: in total, there were 65 billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2016. As numbers continue to sky rocket per year, with the color coding stickers, it will make it very easy to spot your mail and the usual color that is presented on it. Making it amazingly simple for the consumer and the company as a whole.

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