The Important Roles of Groundwater Environmental Service Contractors

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The world has a serious water shortage. Although we are surrounded by bodies of water, many of these bodies of water are not suitable for safe drinking water. Groundwater environmental services are regularly attempting to find a solution for this water shortage problem. Environmental contractors provide the following services to assist in providing a greater quantity of clean drinking water.

Testing groundwater environmental services
Testing is an important part of solving the world?s water problem. Although we already know that there are many bodies of water that are safe for consumption, we can still study these water sources more thoroughly. Studying these bodies of water gives us more information about the world?s water and looks for ways that it can be improved to potentially one day be a consumable water source.

One of the biggest problems today with current water sources is contamination. It is important to fully understand contamination to improve water filtering methods. Currently, primary and secondary waste treatments remove about 85% to 95% of pollutants from the wastewater before the treated wastewater is disinfected and discharged into local waterways. This filtering method was initially studied and then introduced to the public watering systems by dewatering contractors.

Drilling for additional water sources
The planet is filled with unknown water sources. Many sources of water lay entirely underneath the formed land. It is also important to continually search for additional sources of water. This is another important role of groundwater environmental service contractors. If water is located, it needs to be tested, and then filtered out as a potential drinking water source. These additional tests let environmental remediation contractors establish if it ever possible to get clean water from the source. Currently, only 1% of the Earth?s water is suitable for drinking. Increasing that percentage by even a small amount can solve many drinking water problems around the world.

Protecting current drinking water sources
With so few drinking water sources around the world, it is also extremely important that we protect what we do have. Allowing these bodies of water to get contaminated can reduce the current water supplies, leading to an even bigger water supply problem. For this reason, groundwater environmental services are also tasked with protecting current consumable water sources. There are many contaminants that can make it into current water supplies.

Over 80% of the most hazardous waste sites in the U.S. have adversely impacted the quality of nearby groundwater. Even with strict regulations and dumping requirements, accidents occur. Once a body or source of water is contaminated, it can be difficult to properly clean it up to be used as drinking water again. This is probably more common than you think. Each year, approximately 16,000 chemical spills occur from trucks, trains, and storage tanks, often when materials are being transferred. Choosing an environmental contractor that is experienced with contaminated water supplies is important for the health of our water supply.

Many people take the planet?s water supply for granted. Yet, the world has a shortage of available, clean drinking water. Groundwater environmental service contractors play an important role in looking for new water sources, protecting the ones that we currently have, and cleaning them up when chemical or contaminate spills occur.

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