The Miami-Dade Airport Can Only Grow

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Most Americans know that the busiest airport in the United States for passengers remains the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. What many people do not know is that, when it comes to cargo companies in USA, Miami-Dade is where the bulk of the action is. It is not just a cargo hub for American cargo companies, foreign cargo carriers are drawn to the facility. Airlines such as Zoom Envios Venezuela and Dominicana Air Freight can often be seen coming or going from the area.

Earlier this month, the Miami Heraldlooked at the growth and changes that are happening at this very important travel and cargo hub. To underscore the importance of this airport, this year’s “Wings of Change” conference will be held there.

Peter Cerda, from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said, “The purpose of Wings of Change is to bring together key air transport decision-makers, government officials and airlines to examine aviation’s top priority issues and map out strategies for the industry’s future. Air transport has an oversized footprint in the local economy, and it is fitting that we recognize this example and leadership by bringing Wings of Change to Miami.”

Officials in the area are very hopeful that this will not be the first such event to take place in the area. The annual event used to take place in Chile but they think they can change that to Miami. Miami-Dade has seen the number of aviation companies who operate in the area grow from 448 to 483. This includes the addition of new cargo airlines such as Zoom Envios Venezuela.

Miami is not the only city looking to grow the aviation presence. Because of the location of Boeing, the Seattle-Tacoma airport is also a popular spot for the industry. After that, when airlines need to repair their equipment, many look to Southern California. Memphis is a go to city to get parts.

Jerry Haar, from Florida International University, said, “Miami has a number of areas like tourism and real estate where we have a competitive advantage. But we don’t have many with a sustainable competitive advantage, and one of these is aviation.” He also noted that Miami is seen as the gateway to Latin America, which is one reason Latin American cargo shipping companies such as Zoom Envios Venezuela find it so appealing.

Another selling point for the Miami-Dade Airport is that it has started to work to become more environmentally friendly. These efforts are slated to save the facility at least $40 billion over the course of about 14 years.

The reason so many companies have been attracted to the Miami-Dade area, there are at least 200 airline industry companies like American Airlines and Zoom Envios Venezuela, is not just the greening of the airport. The region is packed with talented workers. Part of the reason for that is the number of excellent educational and training programs that can be found in the area.

When people move to the area to work in this industry, they bring their families along with them. James Kohnstamm, the Beacon Council’s senior vice president of economic development has said, “They have a big impact on the local economy using hotels or rental apartments, eating at restaurants, shopping, renting vehicles and visiting local sites.”

The local economy saw an infusion of about $33.7 billion that came from the industry. This is the largest industry in the area. This is precisely because of the number of people who are impacted by the airport. You have the workers at the airlines and airport and then all the people who come with them, the restaurants services and other industries that benefit from the airport.

All of this is why the airport needs to expand. While the passenger side is important, this is the third largest passenger airport in the country, cargo is equally crucial. Joseph Napoli, chief of staff and senior policy advisor for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department said, “It is vital that the air cargo industry future-proof itself; by eliminating paper documents and using e-freight. We can’t build a brand-new airport with unlimited space and money, like in the Middle East,; Napoli said. We have a competitive edge and a sound strategic plan. We’re looking at innovative ways to grow.”





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