The Problem With High Turnover Rates For Employement

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Looking for a job can be stressful and disheartening. Looking for opportunities for employment can seem overwhelming at the beginning of your job hunt. Fortunately, staffing companies and recruiting agencies can help to provide help and education to both job seekers and companies looking to hire.

Companies and businesses are looking now more than ever before for ways to make working for them a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Many companies are concerned about job retention, with over half of businesses citing it as a problematic aspect to be looked at. In fact, it’s harmful to companies when they have high employee turnover rates. It can prevent businesses from really becoming cohesive and working together as a team. It also is financially detrimental, costing over $10 billion every year. When companies offer opportunities for employment, they want to make sure they hire people that would truly be a good fit for their company to avoid those rates of turnover. They want people that will gel well with company standards and the existing employees of the company. After employee turnover, companies are most concerned with employee engagement. A recruiting agency can help with this, as well as help companies be as diverse as possible. Studies have shown that hiring a gender and ethically diverse staff actually helps companies to outperform their counterparts by up to 35%, depending on the level of diversity. Companies can also help employee satisfaction by implementing employee recognition programs, which over 85% say help to increase worker happiness.

When looking for opportunities for employment, it’s important for candidates to be professional in all areas of their lives. With the recent growth in the popularity of social media, up to 93% of recruiters try to find the social media profiles of their prospective employees. This can help to weed out employees that would not be a good fit for the company, therefore reducing the risk of the employee leaving the company shortly after being hired (and this is a considerable problem – about 22% of recently hired employees leave within forty five days of starting a job).

When looking for opportunities for employment or seeking an employee for you company, it’s important that the hiring process makes sure that both are a good fit for one another. For example, companies that have extensive and thorough on boarding processes for new employees have much higher retention rates and their employees are more likely to stay with the same company for at least three years.

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