Three Product Packaging Mistakes That Cost You Sales

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So you created the next best thing since sliced bread? Your product is going to make you millions. Maybe billions. After you go through all the trouble of research and development, source materials, set up manufacturers, and the whole rigmarole, it’s time to sit back and let the mula roll in, right?

If you’ve already found the ideal product packaging solution for your product, this might be true (although, you already know an entrepreneurs job is never done). However, if you think the value of your product speaks for itself and so you haven’t worked with wholesale packaging companies to find the best custom plastic injection molding solutions (or whatever the best packaging solution for your product is), you still have a lot of work to do.

Each supermarkets that will sell your product also sell an average of 40 thousand other products. Consumer have a lot of options, and can’t open each product and test it out before making a purchase. They rely solely on the product packaging to make their purchasing choice. To help you avoid the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make the first time they design their product packaging, we’ve put together a guide, below:

Three Common Product Packaging Mistakes That Cost You Sales

  1. MISTAKE: Creating a design that is unclear or too complicated.

    While shopping for a product, the consumer gives each item they have to choose from a maximum of approximately four seconds of consideration. In other words, your packaging should easily and immediately tell the consumer what the product is for, and convey your branding at first glance.

    We bet you want your potential customer the top ten reasons that they should use your product, but they aren’t going to take the time to read a bulleted list. Instead, use your product branding to convey the heart and soul of the product, and keep words on the packaging design to a minimum.
  2. MISTAKE: Being misleading with the product packaging.

    Your business’s success rides on consumer faith. Yes, you want your product packaging to convey a product that is appealing to the consumer, but you need to keep it honest, or your consumers will only use your product once (which isn’t a business model that will keep you in business for long).

    If you sell canned strawberries, don’t put an image of fresh, ripe red strawberries on the label if the product is soggy and dull. If you depict your product ten times better than it really is, you’re just setting your customers up for disappointment. Even if your product is adequate (perhaps even delicious) in reality, your consumers will feel misled and will not use your product again.

    If you sell a value product that appeals to economically-minded consumers, they don’t mind that your canned strawberries don’t look like they were just picked from the vine, as long as they don’t feel like they’ve been duped. It is possible to depict your product nicely without being misleading.
  3. MISTAKE: Blending in too much.

    If there is a product that corners the market you’re in, it might feel intuitive to try to mimic what’s working for them. However, when your consumers are standing at a shelf, comparing your product to your competitors, products that look alike are easy to overlook, particularly if they recognize your competitor, but don’t know who you are.

    You want to have some real shelf appeal to draw your consumers away from your competitors. In order to do that, you have to be different and distinct.

    Be creative. Think outside the box. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. What would make you notice one package above the rest? A good exercise to go through while mulling over product design ideas is to stroll through the supermarket (not just the section your product belongs in). What packaging concepts stand out against their shelf mates? Collect the ideas and designs that appeal to you most, and use them for inspiration for your own product design.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That might be true, we don’t know. We like to say that product packaging is the window to the soul of a product. Designing the perfect product packaging is essential for the success of the product. Avoiding these mistakes will help you design the best packaging.

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