Three Reasons to End Your Addiction to Paper

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This is the 21st Century. Most of the population of the U.S. spends much of their time on the internet. Despite this modern age, many businesses still use paper print outs. This can cost the company business, time, and money. With all the advances in technology, print management companies specialize in putting all the information in a digital document management system that can be accessed from any computer with the proper authority. This conversion to an electronic document management service can save time and money. It can also save your business partners laughing at your stone-age ways. It might be much easier to email a document, rather than having to send it by mail or courier. Print management companies can help make this conversion easy and painless and can help your company reduce the dependence on paper. Here are three ways your business can benefit from using print management companies.

1. Reduce the dependence on paper in your office. In the U.S., each office worker uses an estimated 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That is a lot of paper. Since paper costs money, you can save a lot of money by using less paper. Between all the technology and the programs developed that make document sharing and document storage easy, the transition to using less paper is entirely achievable. Your office, no matter the size, can save paper and money by using print management companies.

2. Employees have a hard time finding the documents they need. Nearly 20% of time assigned for business is wasted by employees trying to find information required for their job. Everyone has certain documents they need to do their job. If the employees cannot easily find those documents, they will waste time digging through piles of paper and folders. Wasted time is wasted money and a wasted opportunity. Your employees could be working on other projects or helping another customer in that amount of time. Instead, they were riffling through piles of paper.

3. Printers and copiers are expensive and require maintenance. The only expenses higher than printer and copier costs in a typical office are rent and payroll. Not only is there the cost of the printer, but also all the necessities that go along with it such as ink or toner, electricity, and paper. When it breaks down and the one person that knows how to fix it is out on vacation, you will also face a call to the repairman. That will be an expense, coupled with downtime, that can hurt your business.

Print management companies specialize in digital documents and document management solutions. These companies can help bring your business into the 21st Century with solutions to your paper document woes. It is time to upgrade your systems. Print management companies have the solutions you need to reduce your dependence on paper, helping your company to be more efficient, to waste less time, and to reduce your costs. Breaking your printing habit with the help of professionals at print management companies.

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