Three Reasons Your Commercial Building Needs Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler service

When you walk into a commercial building in our day and age, you basically take it for granted that the building will have quality fire protection services in place. Fire sprinklers are extremely important fixtures in a building that help prevent fire damage.

There is a great deal of mounting evidence that shows that fire sprinklers are more effective than many of us give them credit for. We often see the tips of the system overhead, but rarely, if ever, see the system at work putting out flames.

Fire sprinkler installation is something that every owner of a building should take very seriously. There are obvious reasons for having a system in place–to put out fires, should they arise–and there are reasons beyond the obvious. Here are three reasons your business property needs fire sprinkler installation.

1.) Fire sprinklers work almost every time.

In a recent study on fires, it was discovered that fire sprinkler system operated 96% of the time there was a fire big enough to activate the system. In commercial areas where there are large oven ranges, non-chemical suppression systems worked 96% of the time.

If a sprinkler system stops working, it is usually due to a lack of maintenance. Fire sprinkler maintenance service is crucial when it comes to keeping your system at the ready in case a fire should occur.

2.) Fire sprinklers can save you from serious losses.

Fires can result in devastating damages; this is nothing we don’t already know. The structure of the building, the valuable materials, and, of course, the people inside are at risk if a fire starts and gets out of control. Fire sprinkler installation paired with early warning systems has been shown to reduce property damage, injuries and loss of life by over half.

3.) Fire sprinklers save lives.

It should be obvious at this point that lives are often at stake when a fire breaks out in a building. Sprinklers help lower the risk of death and injury during a fire that might be devastating. The National Fire Protection Association has reported that there is no record of three or more lives being lost in a building fire where the sprinkler system was functioning properly and was well maintained.

Every building, to one degree or another, is at risk from fires. Fires do not discriminate and will burn with a fury when they have the right fuel. A quality sprinkler system will cut off the fuel for the fire, dowsing it and choking it before it can do too much damage. Don’t put off the importance of a sprinkler system in your commercial building.

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