Three Things You Don’t Know About Reusing Steel Storage Containers

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Shipping containers are widely used for exactly what you would imagine — shipping overseas. Right now, there are an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation across the globe, making about 200 million trips per year. But in fact, just five million of those shipping containers are active shipping containers. The rest are inactive, or out of use. These dormant storage containers range in sized — there are 40 foot shipping containers, and shipping containers that are 1,300 feet long. To put it into perspective, those steel cargo containers are the distance around an Olympic running track! You don’t want something that big just lying around; for that matter, you don’t want 40 foot shipping containers just sitting out in the open, either. But with so many inactive steel shipping containers out there, it can be difficult to resell them to shipping companies, or melt them down to be used for other steel products. Therefore, a lot of sellers sell shipping containers as they are — to be modified and used for other purposes. Shipping containers, whether big or small, can be used for everyday storage, or even as home additions. Some people have converted shipping containers into shops or classrooms as well. There are a number of advantages to reusing shipping containers — let’s delve into them.

1. Durability

Shipping containers are made for durability. Most of them are shipping across the sea, and have to withstand everything from rough handling to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you can be confident that even a used storage container is tougher than most building materials. A lot of people buy used storage containers with the purpose of using them to house things like boating equipment or even cars — things that would otherwise be left to face the elements, and therefore be damaged. But shipping containers can also be trusted to protect your goods, if you plan on converting yours into a store, or even your family, if you want to use it as an addition. According to Container Auction, a well-maintained storage container can last for 20 years. While you want to make sure that you know something about the age and condition of your storage container before buying it, you can certainly count on a good one to be a reliable and tough product, and not something that’s going to break down at the first sign of trouble.

2. Recyclability

As strange as it may seem, whether you buy 40 foot shipping containers or those stretching to 1,300 feet, you’re actually recycling when you reuse a storage container. These storage containers would often otherwise be left to ruse and break down without maintenance, and therefore pollute the world pointlessly. For that matter, this causes people who need steel products to use steel that doesn’t need to be used — as well as traditional building materials. When a steel storage container is recycled, about 3,500 kg of steel is saved, along with things like bricks, mortar, and wood.

3. Variety

The fact is that a steel storage container might not look like much when you see it for the first time. They’re boxy and unattractive — you may be wondering how they could be reused at all, save melting them down for other steel products. Luckily, there are companies that specialize not only in selling used storage containers, but modifying them. You should see a storage container as a template, ready to be changed and molded into what you want it to be. Even 40 foot shipping containers can be turned into little rooms, or even doghouses with the proper changes. Companies specializing in modifications can add doors, windows, skylights, locking mechanisms, and more. They can also paint the storage containers for you. In fact, if you don’t wish to, you don’t have to do the work yourself. Rather, you can present your requirements and wishes to a company specializing in modifications, and get what you want out of your storage container.

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