Tips For Choosing The Right Excavators And Agricultural Equipment For Your Company


The art of farming is as old as humanity itself. That doesn’t mean our technology needs to be behind the times. Excavators aren’t just agricultural equipment that not get the job done. They need to last long enough to see you through to the next. This also means generator units that hold up to intense weather or horse trailers that withstand trip after trip. When you look up equipment on the market you need to cross-reference and compare with who is most willing to give you the most long-term value.

Did You Know?

Keep a close eye on the farming industry in the West. There are a lot of changes to keep track of. Mexico has now been deemed the sixth best destination for mine prospecting. Latin America, overall, is seeing mining investments skyrocket to astronomical heights with each new discovery. Back in 2013 it received nearly 30% of global exploration spending. Once 2020 arrives? It’s estimated to rake in $200 billion in new investments. Mining is a dangerous field and one your excavators shouldn’t risk with faulty construction.

Farming In Latin America

It’s not just mining that’s turning heads. Latin America is filled with opportunities for grain farming, high quality products and mineral deposits. Studies have shown Latin America (as well as the Caribbean) contributing over 10% of value to the world’s food production. When it comes to arable land? Nearly 25%. That’s over a fourth of all land able to cultivate vegetables, fruits, grains and materials. Equipment exporters can only bet on success by looking toward Latin America and its growth in the future.

Horse Transportation And Care

We may not use horses to travel to work or school, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still used for a variety of manual tasks. These powerful creatures require intensive care to remain healthy and fit for pulling and racing. Even show horses need to display a certain luster and musculature in order to maintain the reputation of its owners. Horse trailers need to have sufficient headroom for the horses to keep them comfortable. A common estimate is at least 75 inches above the withers, if not a little more for the larger breeds.

Generators And Trucks

There’s a lot to take advantage of in the modern day. Trucks are not only more eco-friendly and faster than ever, they come in refrigerated models that allow us to better preserve all sorts of cargo. It’s estimated there are over four million refrigerated road vehicles in use around the world, thanks to a 2010 study, and the very first successful refrigerated trucks were introduced back in 1925 by the ice cream industry. There are even refrigerated trailers, ideal for keeping horses and various livestock cool during the summer months.

Using The Best Export Services

Without the effort of farmers and engineers our lives would be a lot more difficult. Thanks to the introduction of materials like generator units and refrigerated trucks farmers today are able to produce over 250% more food with 2% fewer inputs compared to 1950. This means relying less on seeds, labor, fertilization, watering and any other methods used to encourage plants to grow. A new refrigerated trailer can cost over $60,000. Irrigation methods are also becoming more environmentally friendly, relying less on harmful chemicals while still providing steady results.

As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. Reap what you sow with only the best excavators and you’ll never have to worry about a single minute lost.

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