Top 3 Things to Know Before Starting Your LLC

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The United States of America is a great place where dreams can come true. After all, in 2010, there were 27.9 million small businesses here. Businesses like these are where hardworking people make a living doing what they are good at. But the only way those dreams have a chance to come true is with hard work and organization. If you want to start your LLC in America, you should contact a professional to guide you through the process. LLC is a status with legal and tax implications. The benefits of an LLC can make the hassle worth it. Here are the top things to know before you start your LLC.

1. An LLC has a status within the Internal Revenue Service. For the IRS, an LLC is either a partnership or a disregarded entity. A partnership is applicable if there are no more than two owners. A disregarded entity is the designation if there are more than two owners.

2. Some states require that the formation of a new LLC is announced in a newspaper. If you set up shop in New York, Arizona, or Nebraska, you will need to list the new company in the newspaper. But forming an LLC in a different state will not require a notification in the newspaper. It all depends on where you want to start your LLC.

3. No matter where you choose to form your LLC, you will need to be careful of how you name it. There are rules you must follow. Rule 1: The name must be different from any other LLC in that state. There’s no duplicates available, each name has to be unique. Rule 2: The name must indicate that it is an LLC. Generally, this is done with the letters LLC after the chosen name. These three letters signify that the company is in fact an LLC. Rule 3: The name must not include any words that are restricted by that state. You will need to check with each state to find out what is allowed and what is not. This is an area that a professional can help guide you through when you start your LLC.

When you are starting an LLC, consult a professional to help guide you through all the intricacies and sticky situations. Forming an LLC can be tricky and there are legal and tax implications is if it is done incorrectly. But starting your own company is an important step to living the life you want in the United States of America.

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