Toxins Toxins Everywhere Chemicals to Avoid and Why they Should be Avoided

Dangerous chemicals are lurking everywhere in our houses, some that we may not even be aware of. These dangers chemicals are in a number of products including things that are already in your home. Breathing in the fumes from these toxins can cause a number of issues as well as pollution. Pollution occurs when the fumes mix with the air as well as when these chemicals find their way into our water streams and the earth. Majority of time, 90% is spent indoors, meaning toxic fumes can cause health problems over a matter of time with some pollutants being two to five times stronger than outdoor pollutants. Those with underlying issues such as asthma or heart problems and those who are very young or very old tend to spend even more time indoors. This means that the toxic fumes can be breathed in day in and day out and over time cause problems with health. Read below to see what some of these toxins can do and why it’s important to find safer alternatives.


These contain pthalates. These are a form of plasticizer. Common concerns associated with the use of these is cancer, reproductive harm and they are recognized as an endocrine disruptor. It is important to remember that these do not need to come in contact with the skin in order to do damage. Damage can be done by breathing in these toxins, especially if they are used throughout the home. Safe non toxic wood sealers can eliminate the potential harm these toxins can cause.

Adhesive Removers

If the term safe adhesive remover doesn’t mean anything yet, continue reading this paragraph and ask yourself that again. Adhesive removers contain methylene chloride. It is colorless and evaporates easily, probably why it is contained in unsafe adhesive remover options. Exposure to this chemical happens from breathing in the vapors or direct contact with things such as adhesive removers. Animals have shown changes in their liver and kidney after repeat exposure. Mice showed to have increased cancer rates after being exposed for long periods of time. The EPA recognizes methylene chloride as a probably cancer causing agent. While this information is not direct, the fact that it could potentially cause cancer should be alarming. This makes even more sense as to why safe adhesive removers are the best option when it comes to removing adhesives from your home.

Lead Paint

Lead paint can pose huge problems for homeowners. Not only on the walls, but even when cleaning or removing lead paint. Proper lead paint removers need to be chosen so that the problem doesn’t become bigger than what is started out as. Problems that can be created from lead paint include damage to the brain, lower I.Q. levels, slowed growth and learning disorders. Reproductive problems, headaches, digestive problems, and problems concentrating are other affects of lead exposure. Lead can cause problems by ingestion or inhalation. The lead paint chips and falls and, usually children, touch it then place their hands in their mouth. Lead dust is a concern as well. If your house has lead paint, lead paint removers are the best option.

Toxins seem to be everywhere, but that does’t mean consumers don’t need to be more aware. Knowing safe alternatives for lead paint removal, safer sealant options and safe adhesive remover options can help families feel like they are taking an active part in protecting them and their children. Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle. No one can protect your family from potential toxins and chemicals, therefore consumers are usually stuck researching the information for themselves. Research and find out as much information as possible to make the best choices when it comes to the safety of you and your family. You will be glad you did.

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