Want to Drum Up Business? Get a New Sign

When it comes to advertisements, signs may seem like a bit of a fuzzy area. After all, when most people hear “advertisements” they think of billboard ads on the highway or the dozens of ads you see on almost any web page. This doesn’t include the marquee signs outside of schools or churches or custom banners for a business. However, each of these accomplishes the same purpose. They hold your attention for a few seconds while you read them and decide if you want to engage. This makes even a custom sandwich board just as important for advertising your business as fifty-foot billboards on the side of the road.

Over 80% of consumers believe that signs can convey the personality of a business as a whole. And while that might sound like you have to have some kind of big, flashing arrow pointing to your store, that’s not necessarily the case. Consider instead how much time it takes to set up a large, flashing sign compared to hanging a custom banner. What kind of message does that send? That you’re more interested in letting customers know you’re open and ready for business for waiting around for something large and impressive to tell them a different way. This makes you seem more approachable and efficient.

And it can help you find a customer base much more quickly as a result. The majority of one business’s customer base is usually found within a 5-mile radius of the business itself. By opting to use something smaller but easier to put up, you can make sure that everyone drives by knows you’re open to their business. And it has been reported that more than 30% of people discovered a business just because of their sign. They also reported that without the sign, they might not have known it was there. This means that by having the sign on-site instead of pointing them to an exit on the highway, you make sure that they know exactly where to find you when they need you.

The majority of people think that the signs and advertisements of a business reflect its overall quality. However, if you choose to use a custom sandwich board in front of your business, does that make your business a lower quality? It depends on how well you use them. There are dozens of little cafes and restaurants that have become hits on social media for using those signs to showcase art and make fun puns on their specials. They just appeal to different people. So if you have access to a custom sandwich board instead of a banner, use it. It won’t hurt your business unless it’s just not the right sign for you.

Not every store is the same, which means that they all have different kinds of signs. The big brands use twenty-foot letters to spell out their names on the sides of their buildings. Restaurants compete to see who can have the highest sign so that they’ll be seen from the highway exits. That works for them. You don’t have to treat yourself like you’re on their level, so find out what works for you. And make sure to have fun with it to make it unique to your business.

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