Warehouse and Distribution Services How to Streamline Your Business Operations

Canada and the United States have been strong trade partners for quite some time. In fact, the United States continues to be Canada’s most significant trade partner. In 2012 alone, for example, nearly 66% of the trade value of consumer products and food items were transported by truck to the United States. Statistics also indicate that 90% of these consumer products and food items were shipped throughout Canada by this means as well.

The Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative

Over the next ten years, Canada’s transportation infrastructure will be experiencing substantial improvements. This is due to the passage of the Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative. As a result, an investment of $2 billion will be made with the express purpose of creating a more efficient and effective infrastructure.

The Importance of Having a Vital Trucking Industry

The Canadian trucking industry employees a large number of workers. According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, over 260,000 drivers and more than 400,000 total workers are employed within this industry. In addition to transporting consumer goods within Canada, these trucking companies also transport goods to the United States.

Trucking services are actually the primary facilitator for transporting consumer products, foodstuffs, and beverages between Canada and the United States. Roughly 66% of the items traded between these two countries are transported by truck. Over 80% of the items exported by the United States directly to Canada are also delivered in this manner.

A large percentage of Canada’s intra-provincial shipments are handled by for-hire trucking companies. Recent data indicates that this applies to more than 80% of the total tonnage that is shipped within this country. Given this, quality warehousing and distribution services are instrumental to ensure that these consumer goods are properly stored and transported.

Learn More About Warehousing and Distribution Services

When you own or operate a product-oriented business, you realize the importance of food and beverage logistics. Given this, your business may be in the process of locating a warehouse to store products prior to and/or after being shipped to their final destination. A third-party logistics facility can provide you with warehouses as well as transportation from Point A to Point B. Once you schedule a consultation with your local trucking company, they will be able to provide you with more information about these and other valuable services.

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