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This age of advanced interconnectivity continues to grow as technology develops and as more people become more familiar with those developing technologies. There are now entire generations that have been raised entirely or almost entirely in the technological age, never knowing what life was like without computers, and more specifically, the Internet. And the generations who communicated long distance in their younger years through rotary telephones instead of smartphones or VoIP, and sent letters through the postal service instead of thumbing a quick text, are also getting on board. The world is coming together like it never had the means to do before, thanks to the inventions and advancements that creative and resourceful minds have developed and continued to build upon through the years.

Making businesses stronger and more successful

One thing that even the most successful businesses have had to learn over the last couple of decades is that no matter the level of success, it can always be improved with the right Internet presence. Employing a good digital marketing agency or finding the right web design services can make all the difference for a company attempting to broaden its base of potential customers or clients. SEO, or search engine optimization companies, can produce more ideal levels of traffic online, and often ultimately then, to the brick and mortar business as well.

And though traditional marketing strategists may not immediately see the importance if there are solid campaigns in the community, on television, or in local papers or magazines, it is vital to understand that a good web design is crucial. People use the Internet to search for specific goods and services, and people are very critical of a website’s presentation. If a web design is too simple, potential consumers might get the impression that the company cannot be bothered to try and reach those doing their shopping or researching online. However if the web design is too complex, viewers could be distracted and turned off by a perceived lack of focus and professionalism on the company’s part. In the same vein, 48% of users say that upon navigating to a business site on a mobile device and finding it does not work as optimally as expected or desired, the users take it as an indication that the company simply does not care.

Using social media to your advantage

Social media marketing companies are booming these days
, and it is no surprise. It has been estimated that about 80% of all Internet users within the United States now have access or regular interaction with social media sites and blogs, and this accounts for about 23% of all the time spent online. About 80% of people in the market for something will do a lot of research online before making a major buy, and about 46% admit that they rely on social media sources when faced with such a decision. The majority of companies, at 78%, report that they now have dedicated social media teams, and that number continues to rise. The percentage was already up by 11% from the number that had such teams just three years prior. Social media is a powerful platform, and gives voices to so many people and companies that might otherwise be overlooked.

Online shopping simplifies things for so many people. And when you apply that ease and accessibility to every kind of business, you can easily see how the world is more connected than ever. Companies and customers interacting from opposite sides of the globe, new networking opportunities that could never have been possible without the help of the Internet. Technology will continue to grow and morph into even more impressive connections than we have already developed.

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