What Are You Doing to Protect the Future of Our Planet?

Used tungsten carbide inserts

I will be at the next one!
Although well intended, the statement that you will help support the causes of scientific research and environmental awareness and protection next year carries with it the nonchalant attitude that many people fear will bring disaster to this country, this continent, and this world.
The fact that the March for Science coincides with Earth Day 2017 is no mistake. Scientists and environmentalists around America know that these are scary times for the health of our planet, and, ultimately, for the health of our children. In a time when the current Presidential administration seems to want to ignore scientific research and eliminate decades long Environmental Protection Agency protections, it should come as no surprise that the interest in this year’s Earth Day celebrations will attract more scientists than ever before. Whether it is a college chemistry professor from Louisiana or a biologist from Monte Ray, the intend is the same: to make people aware of the need for scientifically backed decisions.
And while the nation’s scientists, educators, and environmentalists are gathering to show their support, it is often the lesser known recycling efforts of small companies that work to take small steps in recycling the world’s valuable alloys that can have the greatest impact. For instance, the recycling efforts to purchase and reuse tungsten based alloys is the work of a growing industry. Tungsten scrap specialists work with large corporations, as well as small privately owned businesses, to purchase and recycle the valuable material tungsten.
Tungsten is a resource that only appears naturally when combined in four major mineral forms with calcium, manganese, or iron. And although tungsten was discovered 236 years ago in the year 1781, it was not applied to an industrial setting for another 150 years. Now, however, tungsten based alloys are used in a number of ways. From tungsten carbide bits to the use of this material in cell phones, tungsten is one of the many metals that is valuable not only in its original form, but also as a versatile recycling product. A scrap carbide recycling company is just kind of business that works to protect and recycle a valuable natural resource.

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