What Makes A Scrolling Marquee Sign More Evocative Than A Traditional Sign?

Led electronic signs

What makes a scrolling marquee sign endlessly better than the competition? Just about everything you can think of. It has all the power of a traditional sign while taking it one step further by adding bright colors, dazzling lights and changing information that can be altered at will. When you need electric business signs to snag customers’ attention or just want your church marquee sign to have a little more pizzazz, it’s hard to go wrong with the full color LED signs that are taking the marketing world by storm. Rather than twiddle your thumbs and ponder the dozens of avenues available to you, go for the one that kills two birds with one stone.

Whatever you’re using your scrolling marquee sign for, rest easy knowing that it’s doing its job all day long. People use signs for a wide variety of reasons, from trying to attract new customers to reminding repeat customers where their business is located. Some like to advertise new developments that change on a dime (another reason why digital signs are popular), while others want to stand out amid the competition and look trendy. Knowing your reasons will help immensely with choosing a sign style that speaks to you and your establishment.

Did you know over 30% of customers wouldn’t have discovered a business whatsoever if it hadn’t been for their sign? Most customers also live near their favorite businesses. This can seem like a basic detail, but it can mean the difference between a good month and a bad month for many small to medium-sized businesses out there. A recent study by Best Buy saw an impressive 18% of walk-in customers doing so specifically because of the sign. This isn’t all that a sign can do, though, and you should glance at billboards to continue expanding the bigger picture.

Billboards are essential to the American landscape. They give drivers something to consider while on the way to work or family while allowing businesses to expand their reach. More than one-third of respondents to a study on billboards reported looking at an outdoor advertisement either every time or most of the time they passed by. Another 60% of respondents over the age of 18 said they learned about an event they wanted to attend because of a billboard. What else can digital signs do?

No business should be caught with a sign that can’t keep up with the competition. Not only have we established that some customers can miss the store outright without the aid of a sign, this can even impact your numbers in the long-term. Studies have shown either adding or upgrading a sign can directly impact your sales. Try replacing your store front sign with a much larger one. This can boost your revenue by 8%. This is nothing to say of how much more affordable signs are than other forms of marketing!

An illuminating study saw that the value of an on-site sign is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads on an annual basis, making them the most affordable and effective marketing tactic for the average physical business. The benefits of a scrolling marquee sign give people something interesting to read while keeping the information simple, updated and flashy. There’s the additional bonus of being legible at night, to boot. What else could you want from an outdoor sign?

The year 2019 is expected to see a 50% penetration of the global lighting market. This is due to more and more people gaining awareness as to what full color LED signs can do for their establishment, institution or growing brand. Up your scrolling marquee sign game this year and see how it can help both your client base and business model flourish.

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