What to Know About Building Custom Screws

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get a custom screw made instead of relying on the options that are out there. This is particularly in the case of micro screws when the options out there are just too big for what you’re looking to do. Undersized screws provide more building freedom without having to work within any constricting parameters. The smaller the screws that are available, the smaller devices that engineers can create.

Screws are often made with low to medium carbon steel wire, but sometimes they’re made with materials such as brass, nickel alloys, or aluminum alloy. The key is to make sure that the material is of a high enough quality that the screws will not crack, which is particularly important when they are very small. Sometimes screws are coated with an extra material to make them even more durable, which might be something like zinc, nickel, cadmium, or chromium.

om/fasteners/threaded-products/screws/thread-forming-screws/thread-forming-for-plastic/pt-screws/pt-screws?zenid=a905ce78ec97a18b2e9d297a4e7c340f” Title=”Custom micro screw, Miniature screws”>Custom screws have to be made to very exact measurements, so this is generally done with the process of machining. It takes a bit more time than thread rolling. It’s always a good idea to choose an expert screw manufacturer to make sure that this process is done as precise as possible. Small screws can be a bit more fragile if they are not made properly since they are so very tiny. With custom screw creation it’s possible to get a screw head down to the very small size of 0.2mm, which you are not going to find in the average store.

When you can find high-quality fasteners at competitive prices you’ll have more freedom with your design. It’s much better to have the freedom to design and know that you can get a screw made to fit rather than the opposite of having to design around available screws.

When you’re getting someone to build a custom screw you should expect about four to eight week lead times for that process. If you are going to have someone build a custom screw you might consider ordering more than you need at the time in case you might be working on a similar project soon.

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