What to Look for When Buying Spray Foam Rig

When you are dealing with Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation, the size of the equipment in use as well as their weight varies a lot. For starters, you must ensure that the equipment is transported safely and efficiently-in a manner that is less time consuming. Spray foam rigs have become a necessity for SPF contractors today. These are mainly people running active spray foam insulation equipment rental business and in particular spray foam insulation equipment. With spray rig foam, a spray foam insulation equipment rental can maximize business operations as the working space is well differentiated in terms of storage area, a sanctioned work area and equipment such as spray foam gun, spray foam tools and equipment. Whether you are looking for a new spray foam rigs or a used one, where is what you should take into consideration before finalizing the deal.

Trailer Height
This is one of the most vital aspects of a spray foam rig before you make the purchase. First of all, you need to understand your needs as a SPF contractor. There is always a standard interior height of your trailer that can allow for easy access of equipment into the rig. When you have a rig whose interior height falls short of the standards, it will always be a challenge during the transfer of pumps into the barrels. You will be required to tip the barrels before inserting the tips which will require additional manpower.

Have the Rig Insulated
If you are running a spray foam insulation equipment rental business, you need to ensure that your rig is insulated. For starters, the chemical inside the rig must be stored at very specific temperatures-mostly between 60-75°F. Apart from great requiring greater foundation supports, you need to understand that insulating the rig is important in cold temperatures just as it is high temperatures. For a greater foundation support, a concrete lifting is your best bet for a great foundation. It is recommended that you install an air conditioning service in the rig to maintain the temperature. For the ceiling, you can insulate the underside of the rig with SPF.Running a successful spray foam insulation equipment rental service requires that you invest in your equipment particularly maintenance and storage.

Picking Your Machine
When deciding which machines you want to store in the rig. Take into considering the kind of jobs that you will be bidding for. Will they be new construction projects, roofing projects, commercial or residential projects? In this type of business, you need to have prior knowledge about the SPF industry and especially the equipment used. Success in the business will greatly depend on how well you are aware of spray foam insulation products, how they should be selected, handled, stored and maintained. The fact that most of the equipment used by spray foam insulation equipment rental are capital intensive particularly if you are buying new equipment, investing in proper storage is of great importance for the continuity of your business.

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