Whatever You Think of Fox News, Its Anchors Are No Pushovers

Fox news

As a channel consistently ranked among the top cable news networks in ratings, Fox News relies heavily on the strength of personality and dynamism of its hosts. Anchors on Fox News typically project a formidable presence and an authoritative demeanor.

Perhaps no other Fox News anchor demonstrates this more effectively than Bill O Reilly,who hosts the commentary show The O Reilly Factor every weeknight at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. A highly opinionated thinker who often espouses more traditional social views on such issues as homosexuality, abortion, and the role of religion in public life. A primary example of this is his ongoing commentary on the cultural War on Christmas , which he views as a deliberate attempt to reduce the social and religious significance of the holiday in American life. O Reilly also has a reputation for being combative with guests with whom he disagrees. That being said, he seems to have developed an odd but enduring friendship with comedian Jon Stewart, who is generally understood to have a more liberal perspective.

Not all of the programs on Fox News are based in opinion and commentary on the news. Many of Fox News anchors host shows with a more straight news approach. Among the prominent programs in this vein are the morning show Americas Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum and the early afternoon program America Live hosted by rising star Megyn Kelly. Arguably one of the more forthright anchors on Fox News is Shepard Smith, who hosts both Fox Report and Studio B, and has often demonstrated a consistently moderate, down the middle approach to his reporting.

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