When To Give A Crystal Plaque

Pastor appreciation gifts

From military retirement plaques to police prayer plaques, crystal plaques can be the ideal gift of recognition for any number of different occasions, even for something such as a wedding anniversary. After all, crystal has traditionally represented the fifteenth year of marriage, making a crystal commemorative plaque the ideal traditional 15th anniversary gift.

Graduations are another ideal time to give a plaque of appreciation, showing the recent graduate that you recognize how hard they have worked to earn their diploma or degree. A personalized crystal plaque would be perfect for a newly registered nurse, as well as a recently graduated law school student, of which there are nearly 50,000 every year in the United States alone. On the opposite side of things, a crystal plaque can also make an ideal retirement award. With the average age of retirement currently at just over the age of sixty, most people have been part of the work force for the majority of their lives and definitely deserve recognition for it. There are nearly half a million nurses, for instance, who retire every year. These nurses have put in long years filled with long shifts, caring for many of us in our times of need and going above and beyond their job description to provide patients with the medical treatment and often the care that they need so very much. Military retirement plaques are also often given at the end of a military career. Military retirement plaques can be a great way to show admiration and appreciation for a loved on in your life who has dedicated their life to the protection of the country and the gift of military retirement plaques is one that they can display with pride.

Crystal plaques are also an appropriate gift for those who are still part of the work force. In fact, employee recognition is an important part of any workplace, as companies that have implemented employee recognition programs have overwhelmingly responded that their employees were happier and more engaged in their work than before the implementation of such a program. The vast majority of those surveyed – nearly sixty percent – agreed that employee recognition is an important part of securing overall employee satisfaction, which can lead to higher work quality as well as better productivity during office hours.

From military retirement plaques to employee appreciation plaques, there are many appropriate occasions to distribute crystal plaques, whether it be for a landmark event in someone’s life or rather just a away to show appreciation. A crystal plaque is often the ideal way to commemorate a special accomplishment or achievement, such as a graduation or a retirement after a long and fruitful career, and it is one that can be displayed in the home of the recipient for years and years to come. A crystal plaque can even be given as a wedding anniversary present for a milestone anniversary, such as the fifteenth anniversary or even for the fiftieth. Crystal plaques can truly be given at any special moment in a loved one’s life, and are appropriate for nearly every situation.

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