When Was the Last Time Your Group Had to Find a Printing Service for a Major Project?


The rebranding process was a success.
It involved many meetings, lots of trips to and from the printing company and a pretty decent sized budget, but in the end the group achieved their goal. Forced to rename their show choir competition because they were sued by another competition four states away, the high school show choir committee was still shaking their head that it had come down to this, but they had made the best of a strange and difficult situation.
In many ways the event was like every other one the group had hosted in the last ten years, but as per the directions of the school’s legal team, everything that involved the old name would need to be replaced with the new name. The directors still sent out their motivational emails, and they, in fact, hoped to follow the same standards that they had been following in the past, but this year the name would be different.
After getting bids from several printing companies in the area, the group selected a company that was close to the school, was familiar with the budgeting and payment process involved with a large school district, and was able to provide a variety of traditional of wholesale printing services.
What made this particular vendor the easiest choice, however, was the fact that their digital printing services experts were also willing to walk a select group of parents and students through the latest techniques that they used in their business. Hoping to never have to go through this extensive process again, the music staff wanted to make sure that the students who were interested could see the process of rebranding a major event in all of its stages.
The entire list was extensive, but these were some of the ways that the parent group approached the task of rebranding:

  • New t-shirt design. The directors were quick to point out that the group had a wonderful experience at the first competition of the year. With great showings by all three performance groups, the directors felt that the group definitely left a positive mark both on and off the stage. Capitalizing on the first weekend’s success, however, was going to be the first step in promoting the new brand. Everyone was required to promote the new brand with the latest t-shirt design. Absolutely no clothing with the previous image could be worn at the event. Not only was this a condition of avoiding the lawsuit, it was essential to making sure that the new branding made a substantial success.
  • Auditorium signs. Turning the attention from the first competition of the season to hosting their own contest, the directors believe they have consistently run one of the best contest in the state and region for the past 10 years. The new signs that will be placed on all of the reserved seating will look different, but the directors stress that the volunteering parents still need to provide top notch customer service to all of our performers and guests.
  • Event program. The directors warned that new contests are popping up every year, which means that schools have multiple options every weekend. What makes this school’s competition stand out, however, is the parent volunteers. From the team of parents who spent hours redesigning the program to the group of parents who sold a record number of ads, the plan was to offer the program at a very low price to increase sales. Having a permanent record of the event floating around the state would serve as continued advertising of the new brand and the competition.
  • Location and direction signs. The directors were quick thank all of those parents who have completed many assignments long before the event began. Creating new signs for the cafeteria food stations, the vendor booths, and the various other locations around the school required hours of planning, Even with all of this behind the scene work, however, every family was still required to sign up for at least one work shift. The directors asked everyone to please step up and help kick off the new brand while continuing the tradition of the decade long success of hosting this contest.

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