Which Commercial Cleaning Methods are Available?

Dry vapor steamers

Every business owner wants to ensure their facilities are clean. As you know, our eyes are unable to see microscopic threats facilities face. Those working in the food industry know how important a clean working environment is. Having clean facilities can mean the difference between a successful business and one finding themselves in trouble. In this post, you will learn more commercial cleaning methods to ensure your business stays clean.

The Importance of Keeping Your Business Clean

In modern times, many customers are quick to check online reviews of a business. The world of social media ensures that one bad review could go viral. Therefore, you want to ensure your business has the right cleaning methods in place. Businesses from restaurants to hotels all benefit from commercial cleaning services. One survey found that 29 percent of people would not go back to a restaurant with unclean bathrooms.

Having a successful business is all about cleanliness. No business owners wants to deal with the stress that comes with contamination occurring. Avoiding contamination is especially important in the food industry where products are made specifically for human consumption. Ensuring your business is staying clean is often done by two major cleaning methods. Next, you will learn about these two methods which are dry ice and steam cleaning.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a system that uses vapor to clean surfaces. This form of cleaning is sometimes known as co2 blasting. Dry ice blasting equipment is a popular cleaning choice for many business owners. One reason for the popularity of dry ice cleaning is because it doesn’t require clean up. Dry ice will transform into a vapor, eliminating the liquid phase. Dry ice blasting equipment will usually involve either a pellet or shaved ice system.

A company selling dry ice equipment can work with your business needs to ensure you have the right blasting system. Dry ice blasting equipment is made in either a single or double hose format. A single hose system is used in situations where a more harsher clean is required. Double hose systems are more common where smaller dry ice particles are needed. A major advantage of dry ice cleaning is that the near impossible risk of electrical or fire hazards occurring during cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is used to remove chemical residue while sanitizing the surfaces the solution touches. This method of cleaning uses less than two quarts of water per hour, making it nearly mess free. This steam kills 99 percent of common germs including E. Coli, staph, in addition to dust mites and bugs. Steam cleaning systems are commonly used by many businesses.

Steam cleaners are preferred by many businesses because they don’t require the use of chemicals. Many hotels and hospitality facilities will use steam cleaning for various linens. Dry ice blasting is more commonly used in food and manufacturing facilities. Steam cleaning is often utilized because it doesn’t leave behind a residue, as commonly seen with many chemical cleaners. Cleaning with steam helps ensure this method is safe for a wide range of surfaces.

In closing, there are two major types of commercial cleaning. Dry ice blasting is an effective solution for many businesses. In many cases, food and manufacturing facilities will make use of dry ice cleaning machines. Another popular cleaning method for businesses is the steam clean. Steam cleaning involves no chemicals and requires very little clean up. Certain businesses might make use of both of these cleaning methods. These cleaning methods help keep businesses all over the world clean and sanitary.

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