Why a Phone Booth Office Design is the Best Way to Go

The very first thing employees notice while working in a phone booth office design is a new sense of privacy, especially those employees who are used to the open plan office layout. Recent studies have concluded that when employees working in privatesoundproof booth, their job performance greatly improves. Employees can talk to a client on phone, work out a deal, and built a rapport better in private as compared to when their colleagues are listening. Studies have also found out that soundproofing the working space enhances concentration of workers with about 48%. Below are four reasons why organizations need to adopt soundproof office booth.

Employees Feel in Control
The biggest psychological repercussion witnessed in an open planned office design is employees’ lack of control. This can result in workers feeling helpless subconsciously, there is no any privacy, no gateway, and no choice on there working environment. New employees can intimidated by the old ones and may not execute their duty in the best way possible. If you build a phone booth for employees to use when need be, their morale will be boosted greatly leading to satisfaction and high productivity levels.

Helps Cut Out Unnecessary Noise
Another key benefit of phone booth office design is cutting out noise thereby increasing concentration on the task at hand. Nowadays conference calls are very frequent in organizations, these meetings can be conducted in a smooth manner when one is in a phone booth office space.

Reduce the Spread of Infections
If one employee becomes sick and has a contagious illness, several others are likely to follow in an open plan office design. With a phone booth office design, spreading of illness will not be a problem at all. It is surprising how privacy a soundproof office directly impacts on the health of employees.

Ease of Changing Your Office Space
Soundproof office booth is very easy to disassemble and assemble. It means that you won’t need to be helped when moving them. They are mobile and can be moved into another part of the office at any time.
Organizations should adopt soundproof office plan in case they want to improve employees’ productivity so as to achieve their goal. This is because phone booth office design has a lot of advantages as compared to the most used open space office design.

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