Why Every High School Needs a Digital School Marquee

A recent poll found that 68% of respondents frequently made their plans for shopping from the car. This decision-making process might be related to the fact that just over 70% of people often find themselves glancing at both digital and traditional-style roadside billboards. It’s a very common human reaction to have your attention drawn to a moving object, which is good news for the average school marquee.

Do Signs Help Bring In More Customers?

Signs bring in customers. How? By letting people know that the business is even there. Many companies would lose business if their signage was different. Consider the big blue box with the yellow tag that is Best Buy’s logo. The company estimates that about 17% of customers walk into the store because they spotted the sign. Good business signage is important.

Why Is the School Marquee Important?

Schools need to practice good business. What this means is that schools have a top priority of educating students. It is much easier to accomplish this when the school can afford the necessary educational supplies. Fundraisers have long been a source of revenue for schools. These fundraisers can take many forms, however the goal is always to raise money.

Schools are not a business. However there are certain business principles that schools can apply to their fundraisers that might help them bring in more money. Fliers sent home with students is one way to get the word out. The school marquee is another.

Are Electronic School Signs Better Than the Traditional Marquee Signs?

The classic marquee sign has appeared at schools, churches, and fast food places for decades. While people are known to glance at these signs, it does take a little more effort to catch a person’s eye. LED signs with a scrolling text feature are said to grab people’s attention due to their bright lights and movement.

This is a feature that cannot be ignored. People have walked past marquee signs for so long that they can now almost ignore them and their message. The same cannot be said of the newer types of signage.

Why Should School Marquees Be Digital?

The common school marquee has a greater chance of gaining attention if it is digital. Many people notice a business because of the sign outside. With a school, the marquee is similar to the sign a business would put out. A business will let the customer know the type of product or service they offer. A school has the option of putting on plays, bake sales, carnivals, and sports games to earn money. But the public needs to be informed to show up.

A simple sign is better than no sign at all. An LED scrolling marquee might be even better for some places trying to bring in people. While a school’s primary objective is to teach students, the job is certainly made easier when those students have the supplies they need. A good sign can help bring in more of the community by popularizing fundraisers, thereby increasing revenue.

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